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In simple terms, Environment sums up of everything which surrounds us. As much as adults need to take care of the environment, it is equally important to teach our children to take care of the environment. Teach them that all the resources like water, soil, electricity are scarce and it is our responsibility to take care of the environment where we live. As parents, it is our responsibility to teach them to protect our mother earth.

One should start early and teach children simple things which go a long way in conserving the environment.

Not to waste water :
Tell them to turn off the tap when they brush their teeth or wash hands. Even when they take a bath, tell them not to run the tap unnecessarily.

Keep the surroundings clean:
After eating a candy, tell children to throw the waste wrapper in the dustbin. Teach them not to litter around. If they do not find a dustbin, bring the wrapper back home and throw it in the dustbin. If they see any waste paper lying in a park, ask them to pick it  up and throw it in the dustbin.

Ask others not to litter :
If the children see other people littering around, they should go up to them and tell them not to litter.

Avoid using plastic :
Plastic is very harmful for our environment. Teach them from the beginning not to use plastic bags, cups, plates and spoons. Get them into the habit of using cloth bags when they go to buy something.

Conserve Electricity :
Tell them to turn off unnecessary lights and fans in a room. Get them into the habit of not turning on the lights during the day time.

Recycle :
Recycling is one of the best ways to conserve the environment. Teach them which products can be recycled and and which cannot. Explain them the harmful effects of non  recyclable .

Give them the opportunity to enjoy Nature :
It is very important for children to go outside and play. Encourage children to go out and play for at least an hour. Show them different plants, leaves and flowers. Let them explore different textures of leaves. Let them play with mud.Ask them to water the plants. Get different seeds and sow with them. This would help them to respect and love their surroundings where they live. They would want to take care of the plants and keep them healthy.

Motivate them :
Even if children follow 1 out of 5 rules to conserve the environment, motivate them and encourage them. Use phrases like , "good job" ," I am very proud of you". 

Read books on environment :
Children love to listen to stories. There are are a lot of books available in the market  on Environment. Read aloud to your children and ask them after each book what did they learn. Then ask them if they would like to do the same in their house too. 

Lead by example :
Children are very observant. They observe what everyone does around them. If you want your children to be good responsible citizens then you have to be one too. Do whatever it takes to protect the environment. If you follow these steps, children will automatically get used doing their bit to protect the environment.

Children are our future of tomorrow. We need to inculcate good habits in them in order for them to take care our the planet that they live on. 

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