Thursday, October 31, 2019

The Speaking Stone - Book Review

The Speaking Stone 

Book Review

 Is it possible for a tone to talk ?

🍁This book is a fictional historical thriller by @ratnadipacharya

🍁The story starts when the protagonist, Saikat buys a vertical stone from a road side vendor. It has images of Shiva Parvati, Ganesha, a beautiful lady and some lines written in sanskrit. The half stone creates a lot of questions in Saikat 's mind and he starts his journey from Mumbai to Tripura in order to find the other half of the stone. On the way to Tripura he meets Shuvashini who is a PhD student and is on her way to Tripura for research.

🍁Do you think Saikat will be able to unfold the mystery of the stone? Does it really speak? What does it signify? Read the book to know what happens.

🍁Review :

🍁I like history and am a great fan of thriller books. The author has beautifully written the story about two different eras - early 1900s and 2016-17. The story is written so well that you can easily imagine the scenes as your read. The way the it unfolds is really superb. Each page has a new twist and once you start reading it, u will definitely not put the book down until you finish reading it.

🍁Each and every character, whether it is from the 1900s or 2016-17, has been described beautifully.

🍁The language is lucid and crisp. The author has done a detailed study to write such a wonderful book. Few illustrations inside the book add to the charm of reading.

🍁The cover page of the book is designed well and goes well with the story. .

🍁Thank you Ratandip Acaharya for the sending the signed copy of the book. Looking forward to reading the next part. .

Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5
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Monday, October 21, 2019

Economical tips to decorate your house this Diwali

Diwali is just around the corner. It is one one my favourite festivals. I love the whole Diwali vibe. Cleaning the house, decorating it with lights, flowers, getting ready, meeting relatives and eating lots of yummy mithai 😁.

I will share some very easy and economical tips to make your house look beautiful for Diwali.

🌟 Flowers :


Marigold flowers are not expensive. You can decorate your windows, staircase and doors with pretty orange and yellow flowers.
You can even make beautiful rangoli with the flower petals.  Add water in a glass or a copper bowl and put the flowers. It looks very pretty .

🌟 Paper lampshades :


These look very pretty and are not expensive. You get lots of colours and designs. These are available in every local market and also on @amazondotin.

🌟 Fairy Lights :


These days you get a lot of options in fairy lights. Chinese fairy lights are available easily which are not very expensive. You can buy once and use for 3-5 years. You get different colours and shapes in the lights. You can use them in different ways. They can be hung on your balcony windows, inside your room, you can even put them inside an empty glass bottle.

🌟 Diyas / Candles :


I love the traditional mitti ke Diyas. They're not very expensive and you can use them for a number of years. Also these days you get lots of pretty candles. You can mix and match Diyas and candles to decorate your house.

🌟Bangles :

You can use colourful bangles with a string and hang outside your Pooja room. Be more creative and add ghungroos also to it. 

🌟 Plants :

If you are a plant lover, you can arrange your pots in different ways and put lights or flowers around them. It looks really pretty.

🌟 Rangoli :


You can be creative and make pretty Rangoli with flowers, natural dyes, rice and pulses.

Hope you all have a colourful Diwali. Do share your Diwali decoration ideas in the comments below.

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