Thursday, April 30, 2020

Zip Lock Bag Activities for Kids #BlogchatterA2Z

Are you running out of ideas to keep your little one busy . Is he bored of doing the same activities ? Have you ever tried  zip lock bag activities with your child? All of us have zip lock bags at home of different sizes.
You can use them for various activities for a baby and a toddler.

·        Sensory Activities ( Sound ):

Take 3- 4 zip lock bags and fill each bag with different object, like pebbles, shells, small balls or play dough molds. Give the bags to your child and ask let him play.  He will shake the bag and each bag will have a different sound. This activity will help in his hearing and differentiating different sounds. You can try with activity with babies who are four months of age and above.

·        Sensory Activities ( Feel):

Take 3-4 zip lock bags and fill each bag with different objects which the child can feel. For eg., in one bag, add some paint, in the second bag add pompoms, in the third bag add glitter, in the fourth bag add some play dough. Give the bags to your child. Let him play with them. He will feel each object in the bag. You can try with activity with babies who are four months of age and above.

·        Primary , Secondary and Tertiary Colours :

This is a mess free activity to make kids understand the concept of primary, secondary and tertiary colours. In three different bags, add red, yellow and blue paint. These bags will be to explain Primary colours. Take there more zip lock bags , in one bag add red and yellow paint, in the seocnd bag add red and blue paint, in the third bag add yellow and blue paint. Ask the child to rub the zip lock bag with his hand. He will see the red and yellow colour will mix and become orange, red and blue colour will change into purple, yellow and blue colour will change into green. For tertiary colours also you can do the same. In one bag, mix green and purple paint, in the second mix orange and purple and in the third mix orange and green. Let your child squish and rub the bags to see the third colour.

·        Early Learning activities :

Take a marker and write numbers or alphabets on the zip lock bag. Call out the number or alphabets and ask your child to circle the correct one. Put some glitter or paint in the zip lock bags. Ask your child to trace the number or the letter.

Importance of Zip Lock bag activities for kids :

·        Mess Free :

You don’t have to worry about the mess that kids make by doing zip lock bag activities. The paint or glitter doesn’t spill at all.

·        Fine Motor Skills :

These activities help in the improvement of a child’s fine motor skills as the child uses his muscles to squish, squeeze and rub the zip lock bags.

·        Keeps the child Busy :

Zip lock bag activities keep the child busy for a long time. You can finish your chores or have a cup of coffee in peace while your child is busy doing activities.

·        Development of Sensory organs:

Zip lock bag activities are very helpful in developing the sense of touch, feel and hearing of kids.

·        Not Expensive :

Zip lock bags are easily available in your house. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get your child do any activity.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Yoga for Kids #BlogchatterA2Z

All of us are aware that yoga is very helpful for our mind and body . Before understanding the importance of Yoga, let me tell you in simple language the meaning of yoga. Yoga is an old discipline from India. It is a systematic practice of physical exercise, breath control, relaxation, meditation and positive thinking.

But did you know that it is equally important for kids too ? Introducing yoga at an early age helps inculcate healthy habits in kids.

Enhances Strength :

By practicing simple yoga exercises, a child’s stamina and over all strength improves.

Calms mind:

Like adults, kids also get tired. They need to relax and calm their minds too. By practicing easy breathing exercises, the kids can calm themselves. You can practice some easy breathing exercises or asanas with your child either early morning before he goes to school or at night before he sleeps.

Improves Attention Span and Memory :

When a child does yoga, he learns to focus and meditate. This will help him in the improvement of his memory and over all attention span.


Yoga exercises strengthens the muscles and makes your child flexible.

Coordination and Balance:

Yoga teaches a child balancing techniques and coordination of his body.

Bonding with your child:

Doing yoga together bonds you with your child. You get to spend quality time with your child and he definitely feels very happy that you have done something with him.


When kids do yoga everyday it builds a routine for them and they know that at this particular time, they have to do yoga.

Improves Sleep:

If your child does yoga before bedtime, it will definitely help him to sleep better. All kids are active throughout the day and are overwhelmed sometimes by the amount of exertion they do in a day. This leads to anxiety which leads to less sleep. It is very important to have calm mind before you sleep. So if yoga is done before a child sleeps, it definitely helps him to sleep better. 

Academic Performance:

Yoga is supposed to calm your minds and reduce stress. When a child’s mind is calm and stress free, he will definitely study better,thus his academic performance will improve.

Self Esteem:

 Kids who are able to do yoga gave a better self esteem than the ones who do not practice yoga. They become confident individuals.


A child who practices yoga is active throughout the day because he is able to do breathing exercises which are very important for a child's growth. He doesn’t feel lethargic or lazy.

Yoga is non – competitive:

Everyone has become very competitive in today’s world. Yoga teaches a child to accept who he is and doesn’t compete with anyone.

Have you ever done yoga with your child ?

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Fun activities for kids during X-Mas #BlogchatterA2Z

All kids wait for X-Mas and their X-Mas gift from Santa Claus, especially small kids.  They love to decorate the X-Mas tree with the jewels, bells, stars and lights.

You can make your child's X-Mas more exciting by doing a lot of different activities with him.

·        X-Mas Cards:

You can make beautiful X-mas cards for your friends and relatives with your child. This will make him feel involved in the X-Mas preparations.

·        Hand Print X-Mas Tree :

With green paint, you can make a hand print X-Mas tree. Lights on the tree can be made by doing multi colour finger painting on top of the hand printing.

·        Snowman :

You can make a snow man by using cotton. Be innovative and dress him up as you like.

·        Foot Print Reindeer:

Kids love painting in any form . Make foot print Reindeer and I am sure your child will love it.

·        X-Mas Special Sensory Bin:

You can keep your kids busy making a X-Mas theme sensory bin. Fill it with a lot of decorations and hide a few of your kids toys. Ask him to hunt the toys from the bin. Make it fun by blind folding your child’s eyes.

DIY Candy Cane:

Take Sticks from your garden. Wrap them in White and Red paper. Your Candy Cane is ready.

·        X-Mas Theme Stories:

Read a lot of X-Mas theme stories to your child. My son has a lot of X-mas themed story books. My son's favouite X-Mas stories are Mr. Men - A White Christmas and Peppa's Christmas.

·        Painting :

Ask your child to paint a X-Mas tree or a Santa Claus with paints. He will definitely enjoy doing it.

·        DIY X-Mas Wreath:

Take colourful papers and cut them in a form of leaves or any shape . Join together in the form of a circle. Be as creative as you want to be.

·        Alphabet or Number Matching: 

     On a piece of paper, Draw a X-Mas Tree. Write random number or letters of the alphabets . Give your child number or alphabet pieces and ask him to match with with the correct number or the letter of the alphabets. You can even get him to match lower case letters to upper case letters.

·        Baking:

Involve your child in baking X-Mas cookies and cake.  

Importance of Doing X-Mas Activities with your kids :

·        Knowledge about X-Mas:

By doing various activities with your child, he becomes aware of the importance of X-Mas and why is it celebrated.

·        Bonding with your child:

When you do activities together with your child, it bonds you with him. You get to spend some quality time with him which is very important for his overall development.

·        Fine Motor Skills :

When a child, paints, cuts and pastes , his fine motor skills are improved which are very important for his grip.

·        Imagination:

When a child does an art activity, his imagination expands and he uses his brain to think beyond limits.

·        Creativity :

By doing various X-Mas activities with your child, you will also improve his creativity . He will definitely try to do better , will come up with a lot of creative ideas and make wonderful things.

What is your child's favourite X-Mas activity ?

Monday, April 27, 2020

Imparting knowledge to kids about Weather #BlogchatterA2Z

One of the greatest things of being a parent is discovering the world through their young eyes. Weather is an important factor in the world around us and affects us on a daily basis.Some kids are afraid of thunder and lightening or are surprised by the  beautiful colours of the rainbow or how the snow falls. It is important to teach them and make them aware about the different weather conditions. You can teach them about the weather from a very early age.

Simple activities which you can do with kids to make them understand about weather :

·        DIY Weather Chart :

Cut a cardboard in the form of a circle. Paste a chart paper on it. Divide it into four halves. On one half draw a sun, in the next one draw clouds, then rain and in the last one sun and clouds. Make an arrow with a cardboard  and attach on the centre of the circle. Ask your child, everyday to go outside and see what weather it is, whether it is sunny, or cloudy or rainy. This will teach him the basic of everyday weather.

·        Make a Rainbow:

Take strips of different coloured paper and stick on sheet of paper in the order of rainbow colours – V- Violet, I- Indigo, B- Blue, G- Green , Y- Yellow, O – Orange and R= Red.

·        Clouds and Rain:
Take cotton and stick on sheet of paper to form clouds. With finger Printing make rain droplets.

·        Different Seasons:
Make four trees. Make the leaves with bits of cotton. Colour the first tree bright and colourful, depicting Spring season. The next one only green, depicting Summer season. The third one in the shades of red, yellow and orange, depicting Autumn and the last one without any leaves, depicting Winter season.
Importance of teaching kids about weather :

   Awareness :

The kids should be aware about the world they live in. Small kids should know about the basics of the weather conditions.

·        Vocabulary :

Kids learn a lot of new words regarding different weather conditions and different seasons which help in improving their vocabulary.

·        Imagination :

When a child sees clouds in the sky or a rainbow or snow, his imagination improves and becomes more creative.

·        Reduce Anxiety :

When you talk to kids about the weather and make them understand about it, they are not anxious or scared and understand that it is a natural phenomenon.

·        Improves IQ:

The kids get to know about the world they live in which improves their general knowledge and IQ.

·        Confident :

If you make kids aware about the weather at an early age, they are confident when the teacher teaches them in the classroom. They are confident that thy know the concept ahead of their class.

Have you tired any activity on weather with your child? 

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Importance of Vegetable Play for kids #BlogchatterA2Z

Eating vegetables and fruits is very important for a child’s growth . They contain all essential vitamins, fiber and minerals which are important for their brain development, immunity and strength. It is very important to introduce the concept of fruits and vegetables to kids. To make kids enjoy and eat all the vegetables, you can do several activities at home. Usually babies are introduced to vegetable and fruit purees. Introduce them to as many fruits and vegetable purees you can.

Some simple vegetable activities which you can do with you kids are :

·       Grocery Shopping :

Take your child with you for grocery shopping. Involve him in the process of buying vegetables. Show him different vegetables and tell him their names.

Cooking together :

This is very helpful for kids who are fussy eaters.Cook along with your child. Make him feel a part of the whole process. He will feel involved and will feel that he has prepared the dish. He will definitely eat whatever is prepared.

·        Colours :

Vegetables are of different colours. You can teach colours by showing different vegetables to your child.

·        Vegetable Stamping :

You can make beautiful designs on a potato, ladyfinger, turnip, beetroot, onions, etc.  The designs become stamps and your child will enjoy printing  a lot.

·        Peeling :

Peeling activities are very good building child’s grip. Give your child boiled potatoes or peas and ask him to take the peel off.

·        Puzzles :

You get a lot of different kinds of puzzles on vegetables. This will keep your child busy and he will also learn about vegetables.

·        Vegetable Cutting:

These days you get plastic vegetables set with a Velcro in between the vegetables, two plastic knives and two vegetable choppers. The child keeps the vegetables on the board and chops them.

Importance of  Vegetable Activities :

·       Awareness :

Kids learn about different kinds of vegetables, their names, colours and their importance.

·        Not Expensive :

Most of the Vegetable activities are done with whatever vegetables are available at home. You do not need to buy expensive games or toys for getting the child do activities.

·        Keeps him Busy :

When you give your child an activity to do, like peeling or stamping he is busy for  minimum 20-30 minutes and you can finish your pending chores or have a cup of tea in peace .

·        Becomes a helping hand:

When you ask you child to peel a potato or peel the peas , he helps you in the kitchen work and you get some respite.

·        Fine Motor Skills :

Activities like peeling, stamping, chopping help to improve a child’s fine motor skills.

·        Independent :

The child can do all the above activities on his own. You just have to give him directions and he can complete them. This gives him a sense of independence that he can do something on his own.

·       Hand Eye Coordination:

In order to peel or do stamping, it is very important for a kid to focus. These activities help in improving his hand eye coordination which is very helpful when he grows up.

·        Eats Everything:

The most important benefit of introducing vegetable activities to you child is that he is aware of all the vegetables and gets to eat them.

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