Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Ek Confusing Love Story - Book Review

Book Review

Book - Ek Confusing Love Story
Author - Harini Srinivasan @hsriniv12
Publisher - 
Format - Kindle 
Book - Ek Confusing Love Story
Author - Harini Srinivasan @hsriniv12
Publisher - 
Format - Kindle 
Ek confusing love story by Harini Srinivasan, as the title suggests is a perplexed love story.
The protagonist, Priya, comes across a pan masala commercial ad cover and has a crush
on the model of the commercial. She  meets the model at the airport with his sister and her
kids, whom Priya mistakes as his wife. Priya is obviously disappointed but she carries on
and as luck would have it , she gets to work with Nitin on a project in her company . On the
other hand, Nitin's family is desperately looking for a girl for him to get married. His sister
approaches a detective  to find out how his picture got published for a pan masala commercial.
To add to all the confusion, Tanya, Priya's room mate and best friend also approaches the same
detective to know more details about the pan masala model for her friend. 

Read the book to know how Priya and Nitin got together in spite of all the confusion. 

What I liked about the book :

The book is like a Bollywood romantic comedy. All the characters have been given equal
importance.The use of Hindi in the book makes it more witty. The romance shown in the book
is light and pleasant. The chaos created by the characters will definitely make you laugh.
Overall the book is simple and entertaining. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Shrilok Homeless - The Ultimate Adventures Volume 2 - Book Review

Book Review

Name               -             Shrilok Hmeless - The Ultimate Adventures . Volume 2
Author             -             Pika Nani
Publisher         -             Puffin Books
                                      Penguin India
No. of Pages    -            140
Genre              -             Suspense / Fiction

Shrilok Homeless is a wonderful fiction book . It is a simple and interesting read for both
adults and children. I love Sherlock Holmes novel, so this title really intrigued me.

What I really liked about the book was that each chapter is different and builds curiosity.
The language is simple, lucid and a mix of Hinglish adds to the charm of the book.

Another interesting thing was that the author explains the scenes in detail which leads to
the reader in imagining the scenario. The book takes us to a lot of cities which was enjoyable.
Overall it is an interesting read. Young readers and budding detectives will definitely love
this book. 

Flyaway Boy - Book Review

Book Review

Book - Flyaway Boy
Author - Jane De Suza
Publisher - Puffin Books.
Penguin India
Format - Paperback
No. of Pages- 175

All of us are different and unique. No two human beings are the same. In spite of that , we pass judgements on everyone, whether it’s children or adults. One should realize that we should not impose our decisions on kids. Let them think and say what they want to do or say. It is not necessary that all kids are intelligent. Some kids can be brilliant in studies, while some can be excellent in sports or arts. Each child is unique has some talent. We should always encourage children.

Flyaway Boy is a story of one such boy, who was different from others. He was always pressured by his parents to do well in school. They used to compare him to his elder sister who was good in studies. He was mischievous and always got in trouble in school. He felt ignored and not accepted. As a result he vanished. He thought no one really cared for him , so he just left his home and went away. What do you think happened ? Were his parents able to find him ? Did they realize his worth ? To know more read the story.

I could totally relate to this book because this is what happens in our society . We try to be judgemental about everyone, even our children. This story is  a must read not only for kids but also for parents because parents should realize that their children are individuals with their own unique thinking. We need to make our children realize that they are important to us rather than making them feel unwanted. 

The cover of the book is beautiful. I was intrigued by it. It makes you wonder what the book would be about. In short, it is a lovely read. I highly recommend everyone to read this book.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

How to discipline your child without scolding or yelling !

Lately I noticed, that I started losing my temper and getting irritated over trivial issues which don't even matter. The worst part is that I started taking out my anger and frustration on T. I started scolding him for small things. This was leading him to becoming stubborn and cranky. He started throwing tantrums. The more I scolded him,the more stubborn he became. After scolding him I felt terrible and I started feeling that I was a horrible mother ! I discussed this with my husband and  tried to incorporate a few things and changed my attitude. T's reactions also changed and he started listening.

I am sharing few things which I incorporated and hope they are helpful for you too :

  • Stay Positive:
I noticed if I said something negative to T, his immediate reaction would to do exactly what I told him not to do. For eg, if I told him not to water the plants because he spilled it all over the floor, his reaction would be " I will water the plants now!" and sometimes he would spill the whole bucket on purpose. I started telling him, " You have done a wonderful job,the plants are not thirsty anymore, how about watering them in the evening again ? ".  This way the child feels that he has done a something good, we praise him , he feels he accomplished something and it gives him a boost of confidence.

  • Keep expensive things out of the reach of kids:
If you feel your child is touching an expensive art decor piece, telling him not to do it again might not help and you might lose your temper, which will end in yelling, resulting in the child becoming stubborn and aggressive. The best alternative is to pick up the expensive piece and keep it out of the reach of the child.

  • Prepare Ahead:
We all know that kids get cranky when they are hungry, and it is also essential to keep them busy with things they like to do.If you know that you are going out of the house for a long period, prepare in advance. Prepare a small bag for the child before you leave the house. Take some snacks , activity books, colours, drawing book or a few toys , to keep your kids occupied. 

  • Set a Consequence :
If a child has done wrong, he should realize that he will get a consequence for that. you have to be firm that you follow through the consequence. Whether it's no TV time, no going out to play, taking away their favourite toy for a while, they should know if they break a rule, they pay a price for that.

  • Turn a blind eye :
Sometimes it is best to ignore your child's bad behaviour. Rather than yelling or trying to spank them, it is best to ignore sometimes. At times , kids want attention, so they misbehave and if they get ignored for five minutes, the kids get straighten out themselves.

  • Give them a Time Out :
This is an effective tool. A good rule is a minute for each year of your child's age.For giving him time out, he should keep quiet in a corner or chair. Don't interact with him at this point. When it is over, other than maybe an apology, don't bring it up again.

  • Be the Person in Charge :
When the kids act out, we have to realize that we are adults and they are kids. That means we have to urge to hit or yell , we have to  be cool and avoid the lifelong problem of hitting or yelling at your child.

  • Be Compassionate :
Talk to your misbehaving kid calmly, clearly and by understanding his needs , wants and what led him to react in that way.

  • Give Them a Hug :
We want to discipline our kids, but we don't want them to get averse from us. Hug them , let them know how much you love them.

  • Take your Own Time Out :
You need to keep your cool and sometimes need your " Me Time " too. Call your husband, or some other member of the family to take charge of the child. Take time to relax, read , meditate, go out with friends, move away from the situation. This will rejuvenate you to deal with situations better. 

I hope these points are helpful in dealing with your temper with kids and make you feel more positive. I am  learning everyday too . Each day brings in a new learning and experience and more awareness.

Happy Parenting ! 

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Chickens Can't See in the Dark

🐤Chickens Can't See In the Dark is a sweet picture book by Kristyna Litten.
🐤Mr. Benedict tells his class that chickens cant see in the dark and his student Pippa the chicken sets out to get the secrets of night vision. He puts in all his efforts and finally he finds a book in the library which saothat by eating carrots you will be able to see in the dark.
🐤He buys a lot of carrots and makes a variety of delicious dishes for his friends and family. Then on a starry moonlit evening all the chickens discover the delight of seeing in the dark.
🐤This book has a very nice message that one should believe in themselves, even though no one else does.
🐤Also the importance of eating vegetables is described in the book.
🐤T got fascinated the pictures as they were big and bright.
🐤This book is very good to read aloud.
🐤You can talk about different vegetables and their benefits while reading this book to your child.
🐤It is appropriate for kids 3-6 years of age. I bought this book from @bookathonindia.

Rating ❤❤❤❤ / 5

Picnic - Pretend Play

T loves pretend plays. We set up a picnic for his toys a few days back.
🎈He helped me in setting up the picnic and we had some very interesting conversations along while we were setting up. .
🎈He chose all the toys that he wanted for the picnic. Apparently his mickey mouse didn't listen to his papa so he got a consequence and was not allowed to go for the picnic 😂
🎈We had talked about eating fruits and vegetables a few days back, so no chips and biscuits at picnic, only fruits and vegetables. 😉
🎈Also all the a

nimals would play tennis, so he took out his tennis rackets and the ball. 😁
🎈Last but not the least in the set up- his cars!! How could he leave the cars behind. The animals needed to travel to come for the picnic and they had to come in the cars😂
🎈I love doing pretend play with him. It's so much fun and it helps to improve their
✨Cognitive skills
✨Physical skills
✨Social skills
🎈It gives moms some time to finish their work or to have a cup of hot tea / coffee or just read a book without being interrupted for good 20-25 minutes.
🎈Do you also do pretend play with your kids? Please try this picnic pretend play with your child and tag me! I am sure they will love it.

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