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Book Review - The Sorcery of the Senses


Title               : The Sorcery of the Senses

Author           : Tanima Das

Genre            : Fantasy

Format          : Paperback

No. of pages : 220

Publisher     : Artoonsinn; First Edition

LInk to buy :

Blurb :

This is book 1 of the series 'The Sorcery of the Senses' where we get to see protagonist Dhruv's interactions with three of the senses, Dristi(sight), Sparsha(touch), and Ghraan(smell).
Dhruv is on the brink of middle age when he loses his parents in quick succession. Then he has to go through a messy divorce with Juthika. As Dhruv struggles to find meaning in his bland existence he stumbles upon an antique piece of jewellery that leads him to a different realm where the senses come alive.
Dristi, the sense of vision helps him to look back at a past life when Dhruv was Ghriz, a tribal girl blessed with extraordinary powers of the eye.
Sparsha, the sense of touch meets Dhruv next, helping him to look back on another lifetime when Dhruv was Mong, a girl with special powers of touch.
Dhruv got hold of an all-powerful holy stone in both the past lives, only to lose it unwittingly each time. This stone upholds the power of the five senses and maintains the sanctity of the reality as everyone knows it. The senses urge him to locate it as the universe could disintegrate if the holy stone falls into wrong hands.

My Review :

I usually read thriller /crime books. But this book by Tanima Das intrigued me . I was interested to know how the different senses can take back to different lifetimes.

What I really liked about the book is the fact that this book is a fantasy adventure and how beautifully the author has taken the idea of different sense and has created into a fun fantasy ride. She has also used the concept of Hindu Mythology and astrology in the book. How Dhruv  is transported into an alternate time zone, where the senses,  Dristi and Sparsha – show him his failures is very interesting. It is a fast paced book and the characterization of the main Protagonist, Dhruv has been done wonderfully. The writing is crisp and easy for everyone to read. Overall a fun read.

I'm looking forward to reading the second part of this book.

About the Author :

Tanima Das is an author from India.

She won the prestigious Write India contest three times, in 2018, 2019 and 2020, earning lavish praises from Twinkle Khanna, Clare Mackintosh and Salman Rushdie.

Her short stories have won awards and love over various media platforms.

Tanima's work has been published extensively in India and abroad. Her stories are regular in popular magazines like Woman's Era.

She works currently as a software engineer while writing remains the one true love of her life.

The Sorcery of the Senses is part 1 of her fantasy novel series. Backed by originality, pace and plot depth, it makes a racy read.

Rating : 4/5

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