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Happinetz gives insights into child's internet usage


Happinetz gives insights into child's internet usage

Our children are growing up surrounded by technology. It’s very different from the era that we grew up in. Be it mobile phones, laptops, tablets, smart televisions, etc., they have access to all electronic gadgets. They are also very quick and efficient in learning any new gadget or app that is launched, and I sometimes feel that a child’s internet usage is increasing over time.

Children as young as 5-6 months of age also dance or respond to rhymes and cartoons on YouTube and other kid’s apps. I will confess that I too am guilty of giving a lot of screen time to my son!

Before my son was born, I had thought of having very limited screen time for him. But I started showing him rhymes when he was a baby, especially when I had to do household chores. Those few minutes gradually increased to 30 – 60 minutes.

Most of the time, my husband and I abide by the rule of him playing games on our phones or watching a movie on YouTube only on the weekends but we do give in sometimes during the week when we are working or when we have some guests.

There’s always crying and meltdowns going on in our house, when we ask him to turn off the cartoon or the game that he is playing because the rule of 30 – 60 minutes is never followed! This upsets me a lot as I do not like to scold him every time he has to turn off the tablet.

When we give him the tablet or our phones, we try to keep a check of our child’s internet usage. But the internet is so unsafe that with one wrong click he can open an adult site or a dangerous site. Many unwanted advertisements pop up and if by mistake, he clicks on something inappropriate, it could take him down a rabbit hole.

For quite some time, both my husband and I have been looking for apps to block unsecured sites or find some way that could help us to restrict his screen time.

Recently, I came across Happintez which is a tech-based solution for safe internet. I found out that it comes with a personal screen time manager which was my utmost priority! Happinetz Box connects to your home router, wired or wirelessly to filter out age inappropriate content. I found out that it was just a two-step installation process – connect it to the home router, download the app, follow the instructions and you’re done.

It has lots of other amazing features that help us to know our child’s internet usage:


Happinetz is a mode-based system. It has three modes – parent, teen and kid. The parent can connect the child’s device to Happinetz WIFI and select an appropriate mode from the app on the parent’s phone. This way, parents can manage their child’s internet usage.


This app filters apps and websites by categorizing them under 15 categories. These categories (except adult & security and safe search) can be easily switched on and off using the toggle button. The Happinetz Filtering System serves as a guardian for your child’s internet usage. It sends all app and website requests from their devices to a central filtering system, which determines whether the requests should be permitted or denied.

Manages Screen Time:

Happinetz has this amazing feature where you can schedule the internet access time and once the set time is over, the internet will shut down on its own. If you want, you can also extend the internet access time from the app on your phone.

Pause the Internet on a particular device:

Parents can control and pause the internet access on their child’s device connected to the Happinetz network. The internet will stay paused until you resume it through the app.

Get Insights and History:


Another interesting feature of Happinetz is that it provides an overview of your child’s internet usage

Happinetz gives you access to the history of all sites and apps that your child has browsed.

Whitelist or Blacklist Certain Domains:

Through its advanced feature, Happinetz lets parents blacklist or whitelist certain websites or apps as per need.

I ordered my Happintez box from their website, and it came within 2 days. It comes with a user manual and also there are many videos on their website to help install the device. The installation process is very fast. It’s a very sleek product and is very light. It looks like a WiFi router and has to be connected with a plug and a small wire. It is portable and can be easily connected.

I downloaded the app on my phone and connected it with my husband’s phone and my son’s tablet.

I have been using Happinetz for the last 2 weeks.  Now, I set the time for my son to use his tablet. Once the set time is over, the internet automatically shuts down on his device. He is not able to access it beyond the set time, I have noticed that the crying and meltdowns have reduced a lot. Once the internet is shut off, my son automatically goes and keeps away the tablet. He thinks that there’s no internet connection.

I have also used the feature of extending the time for internet access on his tablet. I am very happy and relieved that I have finally found a product that has solved the problem of excess screen time for my son. I can manage his screen time without him or me getting frustrated. Also, I have noticed since the internet started shutting down on its own, my son has started playing board games and reading more books.

I also check the insights and history of what my son has browsed. This way I am assured of where he's spending his time and which websites and apps he is accessing.

Happintez has really reduced my stress of controlling screen time for my son. Both of us are happy now. He is also happy that he gets to watch his cartoon or play a game and I am also happy that he is not spending too much time on the internet.

There’s also an early bird discount offer going on their website on the purchase of the Happintez box. Hurry, avail this opportunity and Happintez for your kids now.

It is definitely #SafeInternetForKids and I recommend everyone to buy it!

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  1. This is an answer to a prayer.Having an easy to implement solution for managing screen time is a game changer.Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Happinetz is such a revolutionary product for today's parenting.

  3. I totally second you buddy, I too have installed Happinetz and feel there is no better way to have #safeInternetforkids. The pros are so many ever parent must have it.

  4. Happinetz has assured #safeinternetforkids and made my life better too

  5. Much needed for parents today. #safeinternetforkids is one of the necessary parenting hacks

  6. This one product has solved multiple issues, safe internet, regulated screen time, no unwanted pop-ups. Thank you for sharing a detailed post on how Happinetz making safe online space for our children.

  7. Rightly said, this one tech solution has solved all our worries. Keeping kids safe and blocking all malicious sites is so good along with added benefits of managing their screen time.. win win for parents

  8. Happinetz is rightly providing the children with a safe internet browsing experience! And it is a device that every household must have if they want their children to a safe browsing experience.

  9. The screen time is now controlled and all malicious websites blocked, Happinetz is the best solution to relieve a parent from constantly monitoring kids online activity.

  10. Agree. This is quite an option to make sure that our children are not exposed to unneccesary websites and long hours of screen time. Good features.

  11. Internet safety is one of my primary concern as a parent and Happinetz seems to address this issue in a non-invasive and effective way. Very useful indeed.

  12. This is the most required product we all parents need at this hour. Best part of the product is we can manage time, screen time of kids.

  13. As a parent, my top priority is ensuring internet safety, and Happinetz appears to tackle this concern with a highly effective approach. It's undeniably a valuable gadget.

  14. Happinetz has really made me a better mom

  15. It's come as a blessing when it comes to controlling screen time. The added features and internet safety surely makes it a must have a evry home with a child.

  16. Happinetz is a boon in controlling the screen time for kids. The best part is that parents need not jostle with kids each day and can stay relieved when out.

  17. Much needed for parents today. #safeinternetforkids is one of the necessary thing

  18. Happinetz is indeed a much needed solution for not only limiting screen time but also keeping our kids safe from all the unsafe activities that take place without getting noticed.


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