Monday, March 23, 2020

#blogchatterA2Z - Theme Reveal

April is just around the corner . I am very happy and excited for #blogchatterA2Z challenge which is starting from  1st April 2020 . I have been looking forward to participate in this challenge from last year. Blogchatter helps take people’s blogs to the next level. They have a lot of activities for bloggers all round the year.  I participated in their #myfriendalexa campaign last year and my alexa rank definitely improved. Also I got to know so many other bloggers out there. Blogchatter has  lot of programmes all-round the year to help bloggers grow their blogs. Last year I couldn’t participate in #blogchatterA2Z challenge because I didn’t get to know about it on time. I have heard that it involves a lot of reading, writing, commenting and sharing.  I am looking forward to completing it.

What exactly is #blogchatterA2Z challenge?

In this challenge you have to write 26 posts , one post a day, starting with Alphabet A on Day 1, Alphabet B on day 2 and so on till Alphabet Z on day 26. The participants have to choose one theme and have to write 26 articles about that same theme. You can even get your own E- Book published. Isn’t it exciting?

My theme for this year’s #blogchatterA2Z challenge is “ Activities for kids “

Why did I choose this topic ?

From the time my son is born, I have been trying out different activities with him which help in developing his over all growth , improve his vocabulary,  his fine motor, cognitive and gross motor skills.
I have heard moms discuss and crib that they do not know how to engage their child or keep him busy. With these activities, I want to share with all the moms that it is not important that you have to buy the most fancy toys and games for your kids. You can involve them in lots of activities and play with them with the simplest of things available at home. You just need to spend some time with your kids and you will be surprised at the amount of interesting activities and games you can play with your child.
Everyday I will be sharing one activity, how you can execute it in various ways and the importance of each activity. All the activities can be done at home with minimal resources.  Stay tuned as I share some wonderful activities for babies and kids upto five years of age.

Can’t wait to get this amazing journey started.

Sunday, March 15, 2020


All of us have very busy schedules and hectic routines.  As a result we do not take proper care of our health and nutrition. When was the last time you went for a health check up ? Some of you might not even remember . Lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, liver and kidney related health issues, cholesterol related illnesses, heart diseases or cancer have exponentially increased.

On the occasion of Women's Day, Medall organized a bloggers meet at Gunidy in Chennai to discuss the impact of various lifestyle diseases on one's  health if not taken care at the right time.

Bloggers Meet at Guindy Medall, Chennai

 Medall is pioneering preventive health care in India with affordable and accessible world-class diagnostic services to the undeserved! It has set up radiology and pathology labs in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and towns in India.

Map showing Medall labs in various parts of India
Medical diagnostics is the first bastion of diagnosis or preventive healthcare for doctors and specialists before any prognosis. It was established in 2009 and is India's largest integrated diagnostics chain, offering both pathology and radiology services, with over 1600 clinical tests. 

Dr. Akhila, addressing the audience

Dr. Akhila, ( M.B.B.S, Dip. in Diabetelogy, M. Phil), Physician at Medall Diagnostics explained the women's diseases in detail , how simple lifestyle changes and early detection of any problem can save your life. These lifestyle disorders have a significant impact on women's reproductive health during the child bearing years, amplifying the need for women to go for preventive health care and take steps to address them.

Besides providing much needed diagnostic services, Medall also walks the talk of being a preventive healthcare services provider with a vision. SASH (Stay Aware, Stay Healthy), is its health initiative which encourages people to get proactive about their well being . With 57 tests covering 8 major vital organs, SASH is a comprehensive clinical test package priced at only Rs.640/- or less than US$10, and has already touched 150,000 customers within a year of launch. It is an early adopter of technology, providing its customers with a mobile application, making it easy for patients to register, get reports, and communicate with lab technicians.
Medall lab at Guindy, Chennai

Medall’s integrated pathology and radiology diagnostics services has enabled patients, hospitals and the government to access critical clinical lab tests under one roof. Its unflagging commitment to bring speedy, accurate and quality diagnostics to millions in hitherto undeserved areas, has made it India’s 4th largest diagnostics chain in just 9 years.

Medall is different from other  diagnostic labs because :

   Dedicated, expert and committed workforce of over 2500
   A clinical team comprising over 134 qualified radiologists and pathologists
   A network of over 45,000 doctors
   Present in 9 states and 66 districts including all of South India, Jharkhand and            Maharashtra
   176 labs and 20 Apex labs
   16 NABL accredited labs and over 100 ISO certified labs.
 Partnered with 4 State Governments including AP, Telangana, Karnataka and Jharkhand in PPP.

    Its many awards by the World Health Congress and other recognitions as one of the best brands in healthcare vindicates Medall’s position as India’s foremost diagnostic services provider, with a vision to " build a trusted and dominant brand providing comprehensive health care  services in the under penetrated Indian market.
   As we strive towards creating a gender equal society and keeping the theme for International Women's Day 2020 in mind - #eachforequal, women's health care will emerge among the most important elements in the growth and their empowerment in future.

Special packages for Women's Day

You can log on to  for more details.

 #Medallforall #StayAwareStayHealthy #preventivehealthcare #medall

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