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What you should know about the ideal growth of children


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As mothers, we worry about our children’s height, weight, and growth. Did you know that 1 out of 3 kids in India has stunted growth and 1 out of 5 kids face nutrient deficit?

For healthy growth, the child needs to have:

  •     Healthy weight
  •     Proper brain function
  •     Fewer illnesses
  •     Physical activity

We want them to get proper nourishment which helps them in their growth. I am worried about my son’s growth as well. He is five years old now and a fussy eater. So when I was invited to attend the virtual launch of the brand new PediaSure, I was super excited. In the launch, I got to know in more detail about the aspects that contribute to the overall growth of children and some answers to my worries!

The three most important factors influencing growth in children are:

Genetic Factors:

Genes play a very important role in children’s growth.If the parent’s genes are healthy then definitely the child will also have healthy genes. Genes determine the physical traits and the likelihood of getting certain diseases and conditions from a parent.

Environmental Factors:

The environment is the surroundings where one lives. If one’s surroundings are not clean, then definitely the child will not grow properly. An unclean environment can lead to many diseases which will hamper the growth of children.


Last but not least, the right nutrition is very important for proper growth in children. A child should have adequate nutrients which are also called:

  •  Macronutrients or energy-yielding nutrients – carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.
  •    Micronutrients or non-energy yielding nutrients – vitamins, minerals, and water.

An interesting point to note is that children’s heightdoubles from the time they are born till they are 4 years old.From 4-6 years the height is 2.5 times. 60% of adult height is achieved by the time the child is 6 years old. Hence it becomes even more vital that they receive proper nutrition during this period.

During the launch, I learnt that the new PediaSure has Arginine and Vitamin K2 in addition to other vital nutrients.

What are Arginine and Vitamin K2?

Arginine is an amino acid that is a well-known growth hormonestimulator. And Vitamin K2 supports bone health and bone growth. These added nutrients will enable my son to grow healthy and so I am looking forward to giving him the new PediaSure for maximized growth.

 The new PediaSure offers a complete balanced nutrition with 37 nutrients.

But like I said - my son is a fussy eater. After attending the launch of the new PediaSure, I realized that I was forcing my son to eat all the time. This is why he dislikes food. So I am going to follow a few tips I got from the experts at the PediaSure launch to make his journey and mine more fun:

  • Involve children in the kitchen :

While preparing food, involve children in the process of cooking. Give them small jobs of peeling boiled potatoes, shelling boiled eggs, and peas. This will make them interested in the ingredients and will encourage them to eat.

  • Important growth hacks:

Chop vegetables very finely and hide them in different curries, pasta sauce, pulao. Make vegetable purees and mix in the dough of rotis.

 I’m constantly looking for ways to make my son eat healthy because the right nutrition at this age is crucial to help him reach all growth parameters. Being a part of the launch helped me address many of my concerns about his growth. Tell me, did this resonate with you and what steps do you follow so your children meet the ideal growth parameters?





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