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How should caregivers take care of their mental health ?

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A person who has a mental illness needs constant support from his family and friends. In extreme cases, there is a caregiver for a person who is suffering from a mental illness. In extreme cases the caregiver is with the patient all day long. Although they are doing one of the noblest deeds but sometimes it can be very stressful. A caregiver has to take care of their own health first. Taking care of a person with an mental illness can physically and mentally drain a person. 

The mental and physical stress can take an extreme toll on a person's health if not monitored at the right time.

Signs of a caregiver stress are as follows:

  • Getting frustrated easily:

A person doesn't realize but getting irritated or frustrated for every small thing is a sign of stress. If it is not treated at the right time, it can take lead to severe mental illnesses.

  • Feeling tired all the time:

A caregiver's job is not easy but if a caregiver doesn't take care of their own health first then they can harm their own health too. 

  • Feeling sad:

feeling sad without any reason is also a sign of  stress. A caregiver should be aware of their own mood swings too and take help at the right time. 

  • Gaining or losing weight:

To take care of a person with a mental illness demands to take care of the patient all day. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. The caregiver doesn't realize that it effects their mental health too. When a person is emotionally stresses, they either eat a lot or in some cases don't eat at all. Gaining and losing weight are also a sign of caregiver stress. Eating too much can lead to obesity which is a major cause of many serious health problems like heart diseases and diabetes.

  • Not being able to get enough sleep:

The caregiver needs to be properly rested in order to take care of a person with a mental illness. If the caregiver doesn't get enough sleep at night for days together is also a sign of caregiver stress.

Steps to deal with caregiver stress:

  • Ask for help:

Although a caregiver takes a responsibility of taking care of a person with mental illness but they should be open to accept help wherever needed. For example, a caregiver can ask a friend to get groceries, or run an errand. This gives the caregiver some time off and they can concentrate on other things.

  • Take care of their own health:

They should make a conscious effort to take care of their own diet, sleep , overall health and fitness.They should have a healthy diet and drink plenty of water.

  • Take time for themselves:

Caregivers should take out at least one hour in a day for themselves. During this time, they should only concentrate on the things that they like to do. For example, read a book,listen to music, watch a show or talk ti a friend. Sometimes just sitting without doing anything can also relax a person.

  • Make to do lists:

Being organized always helps. Making to do lists helps you complete tasks faster and one doesn't get overwhelmed with work.

  • Get regular health check ups:

A caregiver should also get their regular health check ups done and should inform the doctor if there are any symptoms of depression or anxiety.

Remember, if you don't take care of yourself, you will not be able to take care of anyone else!

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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Tips not to over eat when you are depressed




            Think of a time when you felt extremely tensed or anxious about something? That is definitely not a good feeling. Also, have you noticed that you tend to eat more without realizing when you are emotionally drained

Let us discuss  a few reasons why people tend to over eat when they are depressed:

Food can be comforting:

When someone is going through a rough patch emotionally, whether related to relationships - personal or professional, career or financial problems, eating could be calming. Eating food high in sodium or sugar can comfort you. Although they are very high in calories but can be soothing to someone who is felling emotionally very low.

Binge eating:

Anxiety or emotional stress causes a person to binge eat which means that a person tends to eat food even though he doesn't require the calories.

Food can act as a distraction:

When a person doesn't want to think about the situation that is causing him anxiety, he tends to eat more and the food becomes his distraction. Thinking about food or eating food tends to distract him from the present situation.

It becomes a habit :

What started as a small phase of overeating tends to become  a habit if the person doesn't stop at the right time.

These were a few reasons why people tend to overeat if they are feeling low. Let us see  a few ways of how to reduce these triggers:

Seek Help:

If you are feeling low and depressed reach out to your family , friends or seek profession help. It is very important to create awareness that talking about mental health is absolutely normal.

Think before you eat:

It is very easy to overeat. But one should think before they eat. In the beginning one tends to over eat or eat at odd times to calm himself but eventually it becomes a habit and overeating is not good for health.

Try out a new hobby:

It is always good to have a hobby which will rejuvenate you when you are feeling low instead of overeating. It could be reading, singing, gardening, painting, cooking , anything that makes you feel better.

Do not bring food that tempts you in the house:

Even if you are feeling depressed do not bring food to the house that will eventually lead you to gain weight.

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Friday, July 2, 2021

Montessori and Play Based Learning

Montessori and Play Based Learning

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" Play is the work of a child." - Maria Montessori

Play in a layman's term means : " An activity engaged in for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose". Play for parents means letting their children go out in the open and play a sport or a game. Indoor play could be playing board games or playing with toys. It means enjoying in the fields and outdoor, hanging from trees and playing in mud. 

Dr. Maria Montessori observed that the children learnt better through play. Children have a very short attention span and if they are given something which interests them , then they focus on it and learn independently. She believed that the traditional method of learning from text books is not beneficial for their overall growth. She was a strong believer of children learning from self discovery and without a direction of teacher. A teacher should act a guide and guide children when needed.

Montessori toys are designed in such a way that a children learns something from each toy. There are rods, beads , puzzles, blocks and lots of other open ended toys specifically designed for their holistic development. 

Through Montessori method of education, Dr. Maria emphasized :

The traditional method of education can be monotonous and boring. Play is fun, engaging and children can use their own innovation to create a lot of things.

 Play brings in a lot of freedom for the child to create on his own. It involves a lot of thinking and patience whereas in traditional teaching, the child doesn't have to think at all. The teacher provides the notes and the child has to follow the teacher's instructions.

Learning through play motivates children to create something on their own. They learn to create their own processes of what they are doing along the way. This helps to improve their cognitive skills and patience. In traditional learning, the children learn whatever the teacher tells them to learn. They do not use their own innovation to create something new.

The children are given the freedom to move around freely and choose their work stations. The different activities are set up by the teachers, for eg. sensory bins, kitchen set, wooden toys, puzzles, blocks. The child has the freedom to choose what he wants to work with everyday. The Montessori method also gives the freedom to the child either to work individually or in groups.

Learning through play helps them in developing their social skills too. The child is allowed to interact with his peers and can also get motivated to work better by seeing his peers.

Montessori method of education allows children develop their problem solving skills too. If a child makes an error, he tries to rectify himself rather than wait for the teacher to do it for him.

Learning through play opens a lot of horizons for children. It teaches them to become independent and confident individuals which helps them in the future too.

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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Montessori and Mixed Age Classrooms

Montessori and Mixed Age Classrooms 

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A Montessori Classroom is very different from a regular classroom . A mixed age classroom is one of the most important principles of Montessori method of education. Dr. Maria Montessori believed children learn better from their peers rather than a teacher. Mixed age classrooms usually cater to students from the age of 3-6 years , 6-9 years and so on. 

Dr. Maria Montessori observed that a young children definitely looks up to older children and try to do what the older children are doing. Even if they are not able exactly do what the older child has done, still they put in a lot of effort to do it.

Importance of Mixed Age classrooms :

Helps in developing Leadership qualities in older children :

In today's day and it is very important to work together in teams or groups. In teams, everyone has to listen to the team leader and report to him. Montessori method of Education, instills the leadership qualities in a child from a very young age. The older children feel responsible and confident. It also makes them disciplined as it teaches them to complete their task or activity on time. In case the younger children face any difficulty, the older children help them.

Working together in a group :

Montessori Method of education teaches children to work together in groups for certain activities and help each other. Working in groups teaches them that the whole group is responsible for anything so they need to work hand in hand . Children tend to make group rules sometimes and each group member has to follow the rules. 

Eliminates Competition :

As all children are mostly working independently on different activities, there is no competition among children and they complete their activity or task without any stress or pressure.

Makes the children sensitive and considerate :

It makes the children considerate and compassionate towards the needs of their peers.They learn to help their peers and not make fun of them if they have done something wrong.

Children learn to strive for better :

In a mixed age classroom, children get an opportunity to see and observe what the other children are doing. This helps them to think and do better.

Teachers have fun too :

In a mixed age classroom, not only the students but the teacher also gets to interact with students of different age groups. They enjoy the different kinds of interaction from varied aged students.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Recycled Materials Used for Children's Activities

 Recycled Materials Used for Children's Activities 

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It is very important for children to conserve the environment and appreciate their surroundings. In order to keep them busy and also teach them the importance of the environment, one can perform a lot of educational and fun activities with the recyclable material available at home. 

Sharing readily available recyclable materials for children's activities:

Cardboard :

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One of the easiest materials available in everyone's houses. Collect the cardboard boxes that you receive from Amazon or Flipkart. These boxes can be used in various ways for children's activities. 

  • Cut a piece of card board and let your child do free hand painting. It can become a canvas for him.
  • You can cut different shapes and use it for school projects, number  activities and literacy games.
  • Card board is one of best materials to do craft activities. 

Bubble Wrap :
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A lot of bubble wrap is used as packaging material. Instead of throwing it, it can be used for painting. Take a piece of bubble wrap, apply some paint and let your child dab it on a piece of paper. Children love the wonderful texture of the bubble wrap painting.

Plastic Bottles :
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Instead of throwing the plastic bottles and harming the environment, one can cut the bottles into halves and make it into planters. Bottles can used for craft activities too. Use your creative skills and paint the bottles. 

Bottle Caps :
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You can not only save bottles but can use their caps too for activities for children. These caps come in very handy for color recognition, sorting, number and language activities for kids.

Newspaper :

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Another very versatile material for children's activities. You can use newspapers to make paper bags, use it for gift wrapping materials and also can be used for paper mache. A lot of pictures can be sued from the newspapers to make a collage.

Cans/ tins :
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Instead of throwing away coke cans, decorate them and make cute pen stands for your child's study table. 

Involve your children in all these activities and see how much they enjoy themselves. Let them explore and have fun with all the materials. Children do not need expensive toys to learn and play. By suing the recyclable material, they won't only enjoy themselves but also learn how to make the most of what is available to them. It is better to start young and teach them the importance of conserving the environment.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Hello Healthy Skin - Book Review


 Book Name  - Hello Healthy Skin

Author            - Sindhu Vinod Narayan

Publisher       - Blogchatter

format            - E book

About the Book:

Your skin is divine and the organ that needs utmost care. Be it sensitive or no, it isn't a laboratory to keep trying on new chemicals or stuff from shiny bottles, tubes, or tubs.A most important point when you plan to choose a new skincare product is to check the ingredients on the label for the presence of harsh chemicals that could harm your skin. Next on the list would be to confirm if the product would suit your skin type.Most of the chemicals that you apply to the skin can enter your bloodstream. Skin is the largest organ that can absorb toxins and lead to skincare problems like irritation,allergies, and sensitivities. If we dare not drink crude oil, why would we put it on the skin? Whatever you use is typical food for the skin and the body.

Identifying skin type is one of the mandatory checks one has to do. Whether you use the high range or low range knowing skin type is a must to choose products that suit your skin. Brands nowadays make it clear on their labels the skin type the product suits and warnings on who shouldn't use it.

Leaving aside everything, 'Did you know that your kitchen, pantry, or your house is the biggest warehouse of skincare ingredients?" When you have so many options that are easily accessible at home, why should we fall prey to tubs and tubes?

Almost every ingredient in our kitchen has a unique skincare property. Our ancestors knew this from the very beginning. And it is all coming back into the trend with companies bringing in products based on ubtan, sandalwood, besan, and aloe vera. People are hesitant to use it from kitchens but are happy when the same is bottled and given in brightly labeled packs.

Why did I read this book?

Growing up, my Sunday ritual used to be applying a scrub of  wheat flour and cream on my face. I have seen my grand mother and my mom use raw milk on their body for years. I truly believe in using home remedies for skin rather than spending a lot of money on creams with chemicals. When I got to know about this book, I knew I had to read it because there 's nothing like raw, fresh ingredients to take care your skin.

Also, this is Sindhu's debut book and I have read her previous blogs. I like what she writes and wanted to read her book.

My Review :

This book is a plethora of ingredients which are easily available in our kitchen and we can use for our skin. I loved that Sindhu described each product, its importance and then gave options of how to use it on the skin. I have added Apple Cider Vinegar in my salads but I didn't know that it could be used as a toner too. 

This book is a very easy guide for anyone who wants to use a face pack or scrubs using natural ingredients. Her writing style is simple and clear. The book is very easy to read and one can easily go back and look for face pack recipes as all the ingredients are in alphabetical order. The title of the book is apt because you are actually saying Hello to Healthy Skin.

About the Author :

Sindhu is a freelance content writer and a social media influencer based in Chennai.She had a passion for writing even while working in the IT industry. So she quit her job to pursue her dream as 'That Madras Mom'. She enjoys taking care of her home and her two kids while writing about parenting, skin care and lifestyle.

Rating : 5/5

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Book Review -The Misters Kuru - A Return To Mahabharata


Book Name  -  The Misters Kuru

Author         -   Trisha Das

Publisher     -   Harper Collins

Genre          -   Fiction

Format       -   Paperback

Pages          -    326

link to buy  -

About the book :

Draupadi, Amba and Kunti are well settled in their modern-day Kalyug in New Delhi. So, imagine their surprise when, completely out of the blue, Yudhishtra, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva - the Pandava brothers - drop into their world from the heavens. What follows is even more laughter and tears as new battles are fought, old fires are rekindled, and the men find their place in the modern world. If you thought the women had the adventure of a lifetime in Ms Draupadi Kuru: After the Pandavas, the men from the Mahabharata will certainly give them a run for their money. One thing is certain - by the end of their visit, nothing will ever be the same again.

Why did I read this book :

This book is a sequel to the book Ms. Draupadi Kuru. I have grown up watching the Mahabharata and listening stories from my grandparents. I had read the author's first book, Ms. Draupadi Kuru and I loved it. In that book, Draupadi is bored of staying in heaven for more than thousand years and she asks Krishna's permission to visit earth for thirty days. Along with Amba, Kunti and Gandhari they land in New Delhi and are surprised to see how the things have changed. That book was so much fun. They are given thirty days to stay on earth but as the events unfold, they decide to stay on earth forever. Draupadi gets to speak about the crimes against women and becomes a very popular TV anchor with a news channel. Amba falls in love Kunti gets to meet the mortal version of her son, Karan.  When I came to know that the sequel to that book is out, I had to read it !

My Review :

The Pandavas are in a shock when they get to know that Draupadi, Kunti and Amba have taken permission from Krishna and are on Earth. They find it very disturbing and want to bring them back. After taking permission from Krishna, they too land on Earth for 30 days. They are shocked to see how much has changed on Earth from the time they lived. It takes a few days but all of them try to adjust on earth and find something to do. The strong spark of romance is rekindled between Draupadi and Arjuna.

I loved the way how the author brought the mythological characters together in a fun and witty manner. When I heard the stories about Draupadi and watched Mahabharata , I always felt that she wasn't treated properly and should have only gotten married to Arjuna. I am glad that the author has portrayed her to be a strong, independent woman who has the ability to raise her voice against the wrong.  The addition of so many elements of the present day India, like Cricket, Fashion Show, Gurus ,etc will definitely appeal to a lot of people. 

I loved the flow of the book. The author's writing style is simple and crisp yet full of humor.The cover of the book is bright and vibrant. Over all it is a very easy, fun to read book which will bring a smile on your face. I finished the book in two days. A perfect book for the weekend!.

Do read the book to see whether Pandavas go back to heaven or continue their journey on earth and whether Arjuna and Draupadi live happily ever after .

About the Author :

Trisha Das is the author of The Mahabharata Re-imagined, The Art of the Television Interview and the internationally acclaimed How to Write a Documentary Script. She has written and directed over forty documentaries in her filmmaking career. Trisha has also won an Indian National Film Award (2005) and was UGA's 'International Artist of the year' (2003). You can find Trisha dancing around her study on most days or contact her on facebook, @trishadasauthor , Twitter @the trishadas , Instagram @trishadas or via email :

Rating - 4/5 

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How should caregivers take care of their mental health ?

image : A person who has a mental illness needs constant support from his family and friends. In extreme cases, there is a ca...