Thursday, July 11, 2019

Ashok and the Nine Unkown - Book Review

Title - Ashok and the Nine Unknown
Author - Anshul Dupare
Publication - Rupa Publications
Genre - History / Fiction / Thriller
Pgaes - 224
Format - Paperback

Plot :

"Power is always hungry for more. The more you feed it,the more its hunger increases."

Who has not heard about Emperor Ashok?

The story begins after the end of the Kalinga war, one of the deadliest wars of all times. Ashok is saddened when he sees so many soldiers, ladies and children died in the war. Although he won the war but he felt defeated. He couldn't see the pain of his people and decides to help them in whatever way he could. Ashok, with the help of Radhagupta ( His Chief Minister) creates a society for the betterment of his people which was governed by the nine unknown people, dealing with nine different aspects possessing immense knowledge.

But Amartya, one of the soldiers who lost his family in the war, his arms and one eye, couldn't accept Ashok as his King. Amartya left for Mayong to learn Black Magic so that he could take his revenge from Ashok.

Meanwhile the story takes another turn when another society in addition to Ashok's society comes

into the palace. One by one people start dying and the story takes another turn.


The book cover is very bright and catchy.
I am a great fan of History and fiction , so was really interested in reading this book.
The author has explained the details of war very well. Somewhere in the middle I thought that the story lost its focus.As the focus was on Black Magic, Dragons and and the Sphinx. But it gained momentum after Radhagupta's murder and it becomes a thriller.

This books is the first of its two parts. I am looking forward to reading the second part.

Rating - 3.5 / 5

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  1. The story sounds intriguing.It has black magic,mythology and mystery.Would lovr to read it.


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