Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Flyaway Boy - Book Review

Book Review

Book - Flyaway Boy
Author - Jane De Suza
Publisher - Puffin Books.
Penguin India
Format - Paperback
No. of Pages- 175

All of us are different and unique. No two human beings are the same. In spite of that , we pass judgements on everyone, whether it’s children or adults. One should realize that we should not impose our decisions on kids. Let them think and say what they want to do or say. It is not necessary that all kids are intelligent. Some kids can be brilliant in studies, while some can be excellent in sports or arts. Each child is unique has some talent. We should always encourage children.

Flyaway Boy is a story of one such boy, who was different from others. He was always pressured by his parents to do well in school. They used to compare him to his elder sister who was good in studies. He was mischievous and always got in trouble in school. He felt ignored and not accepted. As a result he vanished. He thought no one really cared for him , so he just left his home and went away. What do you think happened ? Were his parents able to find him ? Did they realize his worth ? To know more read the story.

I could totally relate to this book because this is what happens in our society . We try to be judgemental about everyone, even our children. This story is  a must read not only for kids but also for parents because parents should realize that their children are individuals with their own unique thinking. We need to make our children realize that they are important to us rather than making them feel unwanted. 

The cover of the book is beautiful. I was intrigued by it. It makes you wonder what the book would be about. In short, it is a lovely read. I highly recommend everyone to read this book.

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