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How to be a good Story Teller

In my previous posts, I talked about Storytelling, its Benefits (here) and Techniques of Storytelling (here).

I love telling stories to my son, niece and nephew. It is  lovely to see them engrossed in the story and enjoy themselves.There's a reason why so many people flock to the movies or spend hours reading novels – it's because we love to get lost in a good story. And if you ever listen to a good conversation, you'll notice that a lot of connection happens when people share stories with each other.

Here  are some tips which will help you become a good story teller.

1. Pick a main character your child will love:

Small children love it when you tell them about someone or something they already know because it helps them to relate better. For example, it can be your pet, his favourite toy, some family member etc.

2.  Add some dramatic effects :

Part of making it dramatic is creating an element of surprise. When something dramatic is about to happen, you can pause a little to let the momentum build. You can also add in some extra details to make it more enjoyable. For example, if the Bear was eating lunch, you can say that the Bear was eating a peanut butter sandwich. These extra details will help to keep kids attention.

3. Holding Interest :

Children do not have a large attention span. It is very difficult to hold their attention for a long time. So you have to be careful that your story is not too long .

4. Create a Plot :

If you are making an imaginary story, crate a plot before hand and you can add something extra ordinary , like going to a fantasy land. You can also have your main character have a hobby or some activity that your child likes. This way he can relate to the story easily and it can be a learning activity as well.

5.  Learn a story that has some repetitive element :

The easiest way to tell a story smoothly is to learn some story which has some repetitive element which makes it easier for you to narrate the story. For example, in The Three Little Pigs, The wolf Huffs and Puffs each time he tries to blow down the house.

6. If there are more children , you can make them a part of the story :

If you are telling a story to a group of more than 4 children, you can get a few children to be the characters of the story. You can use your imagination to make their costumes and make the whole story telling process a wonderful experience for the kids.

7. Make them do an activity after the story :

Kids love to do activities. After telling them the story you can do some simple activities related to the story, like colouring, counting activity or a craft. By doing activities, the kids tend to remember the story better.

Do you like telling stories to children ? Please share in comments.

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  1. Yes I love to say storytelling to my kids but I am not so, I hope your post will help me

  2. My kids love to hear stories during bedtime and as mentioned in your post I try making it more dramatic by voice modulation to make the story sound interesting.


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