Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Nu - Shakti , Nutrition For You !

Nu - Shakti is a brand of DSM that has been designed to support better nutrition for India. DSM is a purpose-led global science-based company in Nutrition, Health, and Sustainable Living. Nu-Shakti  products include daily home fortifiers for staple foods like rice and atta, micro-nutrient powders that can be sprinkled on or mixed into regular food and a powdered fortified beverage mix. Micro nutrients  are vitamins and minerals which form an essential part of a balanced diet. 

Deficiencies in micro nutrients such as iron, iodine, vitamin A,  and zinc can be very harmful for your body.

Nu- Shakti in collaboration with Momspresso, organised an event in Chennai at Fab Cafe on 26th November 2019.  These days whatever we eat has pesticides and chemicals in it. It is very important for everyone to get right kinds of nutrients  in our everyday lives. The event was conducted by Vaishali, who gave us the introduction about Nu -Shakti and the different kinds of products .  Revauthi, a dietitian , explained its benefits and also explained how we can include it in our everyday diet.

The different products which are manufactured by Nu - Shakti are -

  • Powermix for Rice
  • Powermix for Atta
  • MixMe Powered Beverage
  • Micro Nutirent Powder

Power Mix For Rice :
10g Powermix for Rice when added to 1kg raw rice provides 5 vitamins and 2 m found in some common foods. For eg. Spinach (280gm), ripe tomatoes ( 200gm), skimmed milk (125gm), almonds (100gm), walnuts (135 gm), ragi (661 gm), sweetcorn ( 364 gm)

Powermix for Atta :

5g Powermix for Atta when added to 1kg raw Atta provides 7 vitamins and 2 minerals found in common foods. For example, spinach ( 300gm) , ripe tomatoes ( 210 gm), milk ( 125 gm), almonds ( 100 gm),papaya ( 240gm gm ), walnuts (90 gm ), groundnuts ( 300gm), ragi ( 381 gm), sweetcorn (364gm )

MixMe Powered Beverage :

1 serving (20g powder mixed with 200ml water) provides micronutrients found in some common foods for example Spinach (440gm) , papaya (216gm), ripe toamtoes (120gm ), walnuts( 100gm ), groundnuts ( 45gm), almonds (120 gm), orange (50gm)
Micro Nutrient Powder:
1g Powermix when sprinkled and mixed on cooked food provides micronutrients found in some common foods, e.g. almonds (136gm ), oranges ( 100gm) , papaya (481gm), groundnuts (100gm), spinach (880gm), wlanuts (100gm) , ripe tomatoes (300gm)  

The rice mix or the atta mix can be easily mixed with one kg rice / atta per packet. It is not expensive and is your complete dose of nutrition. 

I am so glad that I found out about Nu-Shakti. Before attending the event I did not know hat micro nutrients were  and  how essential they were for our everyday diet.

It can be given to everyone above 6 months of age except for thalassemia patients

Vaishali gave us a  quiz to check if our family was nutrition positive. After calculating the result, I found out that my family was medium nutrient but still we need to be high nutrient.

Also Vaishali had organised another lovely game for the mothers, - Memory Game. She divided us into pairs and gave us a sheet of different foods and other objects. She gave us 30 seconds to go through all the products and then told us to write what we remembered. It was a nice fun game.

The event was very informative and  thank you Nu -Shakti for giving us samples of all the products. I would definitely recommend this to everyone. Make Nu-Shakti a part of your everyday meal and lead a healthy, nutritious and fit life


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