Saturday, December 7, 2019

Is your child a fussy eater ?

Are you worried about your child not eating properly? Is he a fussy eater? If yes, don't are not the only one !☺️ It can be very frustrating when your child doesn't eat properly, it is normal to get stressed out. My son is a very picky eater but slowly he is improving. Even when he was a baby, he used to be very fussy about the purees he ate 🙈

  • The first thing should be to introduce a lot of fruit and vegetables to them when they are small.
  • Take them for grocery shopping with you. Talk to them and involve them in the process of buying.
  • Don't give them the same food everyday. Like adults, kids also get bored of eating the same food everyday. For eg. I make sure my son has one egg a day. So one day I give him scrambled egg, next day french toast, then maybe cheese omelette.
  • If your child doesn't like vegetables, try and innovate. For eg. In your pizza sauce, you can add finely chopped onions, capsicums, zucchinis, brinjal. Or in  mixed vegetables you can chop all the vegetables finely,add little bit of cheese on top and make it into a roll.
  • You can make food look better. I have a lot of cookie cutters to cut roti, puri, vegetables and fruits in different shapes.
  • Try and eat with your child.When they see you eat, they also eat.
  • Once your child is 2.5 years plus don't make separate a meal for him. Let him eat what you are eating. This will help him to understand that he has to eat what is made at home and everyone is eating the same thing.
  • Teach him from where the food comes from. You can take him to a farm to show how the vegetables and fruits are grown.If you have space, you can even make a small vegetable garden at home and involve him in planting seeds, watering the plants,etc.
  • Rewards, ( not bribes) can be motivational.You can make a sticker chart. Give your child a sticker for eating new foods. When he has collected a few stickers, reward him with a prize.
  • Cut out all the distractions. It is easy to put on some cartoon or rhymes but let him understand that he has to sit with everyone at the dining table and eat.
  • When dealing with a picky eater, remember to keep calm and try some of the evidence-based tips listed above.

With the right approach, your child will grow to accept and appreciate many different types of food over time.

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  1. All these are great tips and I am sure it will help a lot to parents for feeding their kids better with good nutrition. I agree we have to be creative and try innovative ideas to include essential nutrients and veggies in kids diet. with this effort kids will learn to appreciate different types of food and their importance.

  2. Great tips there Simrit. Most kids are fussy eaters these days. Best way I know is not to force feed. When they are really hungry they will grab and eat anything.

    1. Thank you Harjeet.. You are absolutely right but we do stress out sometimes if kids don't eat !

  3. Fussy eaters are always a challenge for parents. Your tips are very useful and should help !

  4. These are all very useful tips for enticing a fussy eater to eat. I will share this ahead for the benefit of others.
    Noor Anand Chawla

  5. i think you have hit the nail on the head. Use of holistic approach is what will keep the child excited about the food. There's so much more about it than just the food per se and you have covered it really well in your tips when you mentioned about being innovative or involving child in the process of selecting vegetables/ fruits. Nice, useful post :)

  6. My daughter has recently become fussy and these tips should be very helpful. Thanks for the easy tips. Hope they make life simpler and less stress-free :)

  7. Very useful tips shared by you. Most of the parents just like me struggling with this major problem these days and surfing for the best ideas of how to deal with their fussy eater kiddos. Thanks for sharing!


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