Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Booky Boo - Review - Post 1

This post is written by my friend Vineetha .

My daughter loves her books. We started reading to her at a very young age. So when her first birthday came we knew exactly what to get as party favors. After cake that’s the most important part the kids look forward to. They patiently wait for the party to be over and get hold of their gifts. So for Nivi’s first birthday we wanted something unique and special. As I started planning the party, I searched instagram to find unique books and one of the mom blogger recommended BookyBoo, and oh boy what a find it was. A personalized book store, who can customize each and every book according to our need. 

This is the first time I am working with personalized books. So obviously I was nervous about it, But Bookyboo kept me at ease. What l liked the most was how easy the entire process was. Each book was customized to include birthday kid and a friend as characters. I could even select specific avatar for each one.  You sent all the details and they work their magic to weave our details into the story.  

Another thing that need special mention is the quality of the books. Anyone who has kids know how easily they can  tear papers but bookyboo uses glossy thick papers which can withstand heavy usage. Even after a year and a toddler handling it our books are intact with very less damage. 

For our gifts we chose the following 3 books from the party favor collections. 

We chose this book for our younger kids as felt it will appeal
them better. Our heroes are helping Minnie and Mickey search
for Pluto. Filled with beautiful illustrations, fun activities and 
our heroes meet many animals on their way! And to appeal our 
reluctant readers they have some stickers too. Definitely this 
one is a kid pleaser!


For kids who love space or rockets or astronauts, this book is
a perfect gift. In this exciting adventure, our heroes are on a 
mission to save the Earth. To find a solution for Earth's excess 
waste, they suit up and are off to other galaxy.
Will they be able to find a solution and how will they come 

It’s a fun read for sure. Along the journey they 
learn about solar system, space, moon, galaxy etc. 

We felt this book was ideal for casual readers who love 
to read about travel and new places. Our heroes on a hot 
air ballon lands at a new place and meets a seal who needs 
help to reach his home. How our heroes help the seal, their
 journey to north pole, the friends they met forms the rest of 
the story. One of the fun activity in the book is to design
 own flag, currency, slogan for your own country. This was a 
hit among our kids. 

Everyone appreciated the books but the best compliment
 I got was from my friend’s daughter. She told me she always 
wanted a book where she is the hero who saves the world.
And this was the perfect book. I think that,s the beauty of
the personalized books. You get to create something special
something unique. Truly a one-of-a kind keepsake. 

And don't forget to use the special discount code PARTY15 
when you buy from BookyBoo. The coupon code is valid till 
March 31st 2020. 
Happy Reading Everyone! You will definitely enjoy these
 personalized books. 

Vineetha is a mom to a toddler who loves to share their daily life and motherhood journey 
one picture at a time. She shares daily activities with her daughter,the books they read and 
also pens downnher travel diaries. You can follow her on Instagram. Her instagram handle
 is @vineethap

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