Thursday, January 9, 2020

Steps to select a school for your child

Admitting your child in a school is a huge responsibility. These days so many new schools have come up and it is not easy to choose the "perfect" school for your child. The right school for your child can make all the difference in his or her successful academic career. 

⭐Steps to select a school for your child :


It is always advisable to first start looking at the best available schools closest to your place of residence. This becomes necessary from a safety perspective and to prevent your child from suffering the repeated discomfort of a long journey to and fro from his school every day

⭐ Curriculum:
We have State Board, CBSE, ICSE and international boards ( Cambridge and IB) available for kids these days. Each board is different and you have to select the education board that you want for your child. 

Very often parents tend to enrol their children only in the most expensive private/international schools – assuming they are the best, courtesy their exorbitant fees and an impressive array of hi-tech facilities. Instead, you need to focus on whether you are getting full value for the money you are paying in terms of quality, safety, facilities, extra-curricular activities and the assurance that the all-round development of your child is being taken care of in the best way possible.

⭐Academic and extracurricular activities:
Ensuring the school meets the highest standards of excellence in terms of its teachers, teaching methodology, academic curriculum and moral standards should be your biggest priority. Extracurricular activities like outdoor games, team sports, art,craft, dance & drama classes also play a massive part in shaping a child’s overall personality.

⭐Teacher to student ratio:
Would you instead send your child to a school which allows 50 students per class or one that limits the number of students per class to a manageable 30kids?Research has proved that students tend to learn more in smaller classes, have higher grades and also perform better in their examinations and non academic activities.

⭐ Visit the School:
 When you find a school that looks like a good fit for your child, it is a good idea to visit to see classrooms and meet faculty and staff. While you are at the school, you should be allowed to visit with the principal, teachers and other parents to get a good idea of what the expectations are for parent involvement, how faculty and staff relate to students and what the overall learning environment looks like.

⭐Ask questions:
 There are so many questions which need to be answered before you put your child in a school. How much homework is given? How's for does the school deal kids with behaviour issues? Is the Principal open to talk to parents?Ask what ever doubts You have in your mind.

⭐Shortlist :
Shortlist a few schools which meet most of your criteria and apply. These days all schools have an admission process. So you need to apply in a few schools of your choice

⭐ Discipline :

 It is very important for a school to have rules in place and 

have proper discipline.

I hope these steps are helpful for you to select a school for 

your child. Do share your experiences in comments .


  1. This ia a very detailed post on all factors in selecting a good school. Sadly most parents these days only go for reputed brand names.

  2. You have provided a very handy checklist for parents that could ease their task of identifying the most appropriate school for their kids. It's always advisable to be rational in our school selection process rather than falling prey to the "popular- unpopular" categorisation of schools.

  3. I agree with every point enumerated on your list. It is so important to visit the school yourself and see the actual running of it.
    Noor Anand Chawla

  4. Selecting a good school for kids is major responsibility for parents and You had shared really great points to make that task easier. I agree with all the points..checking teacher and student ratio is one of the most important thing. this is the factor that determine quality education for our kids.

  5. Great pointers mentioned. It's very important to visit the school and see the surrounding as a parent. At times there is a huge difference in what's being assured and what's being delivered.

  6. This is what I have to face a few months back when I was searching for a good school for my daughter. Must say an informative post.

  7. You’ve really given a detailed analysis of what we need to look for in a school for our kids. I’m sure this will be useful for every parent searching for a school.

  8. Wonderful Post in an era that finding school for children is nothing less than moving mountain.

  9. Every parent who is looking to admit their child to school for the first time should read this post, Simrit. You have listed all the important factors one needs to tick on the list of must-haves. awesome post!

  10. Yeah we too checked the distance from home, fees and student teacher ratio mainly. Didn't want our kid to be lost in the crowd.

  11. These are the important points to keep in mind. Thanks for summing it up so perfectly. Distance from home and teacher student ratio are my main concerns.

  12. Very informative post Simrit. This year we also filled form to enroll our younger one in school and we're were so much confused in selecting best for her...these are some useful pointers which we kept in mind . Thanks for sharing this.


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