Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Introducing alphabets to toddlers

Wondering how to introduce alphabets to your little one? Most children tend to recognise a few letters by the time they are two years old. As a mom, it can be very stressful to teach alphabets your child.

Here's how you can get your little one Learn Alphabets :

Play the Alphabet song :

That's how you also learnt your alphabet. Play the A,B,C, D,E rhyme and sing along with your child. Repetition definitely helps in learning. 

Get him interested :

Toddlers get distracted very easily. To make him interested, you need to get his attention. You can buy 3-4 alphabet books with big pictures , Alphabet puzzles and alphabet flash cards. Colourful books and flash cards will definitely get his attention.

Go slow:

Don't rush . Remember there are 26 letters. Upper case and lower case make - 52 letters. It takes time. Repeat and revise before going on to the next alphabet.

Alphabet sounds:

Get him acquainted with the sound of each alphabet so that he picks the shape and sound of the alphabet at the same time. This will help him recall better, so always say out alphabets loud and repeat it several times for him to recognise and learn the letter.

Alphabet recognition activities:

Pick up any book ,an alphabet chart, or just point out at the billboards, and help him identify the alphabets. And when he gets them right, reward him by clapping or a small candy. Definitely this will help him learn fast.

Make it fun:

You can do numerous alphabet activities with your child and make learning a fun process. You can do matching activities, cut and paste the Alphabet, sensory play, play dough alphabets, alphabet tree, alphabet train ,etc.Use your creativity and keep him hooked.

Don't fret if your child is taking time to learn the Alphabets. All kids take their time.Be patient and consistent. 
Hope these tips are helpful for you. Share in comments how did you make your child learn alphabets.


  1. all these are great ideas to introduce alphabet to small kids. i had tried these with my girls. your post has made me little nostalgic and I had recalled those time of teaching them alphabets and so many other things.

  2. It’s going to help me a lot.when my daughter will start her schooling.Great ideas.

  3. Another tip I can add is to write their name often. My son picked up on alphabets by recognising the ones in his name.
    Noor Anand Chawla

  4. Great tips to start off right with alphabets.Another way would be handing out an apple for A or a Ball for B?

  5. That's truly a great way to start with alphabets. A helpful post for sister in law, as from this year my niece is starting to join the playgroup school

  6. A very nice way to introduce children to the alphabets. I’m sure it will make it interesting to kids to learn without actually sitting down at a desk! Very useful for parents with young kids!

  7. A very relevant post. Your post clearly and very highlights the need to adopt an approach that appeals to all the 5 senses of a child while they prepare to learn the alphabets. You have covered most of the activities/ tools that could help the child get started. The sight and sound holds the key !

  8. Those are some easy and doable things to teach alphabets. I am at that stage and these will really come in handy. Sight and sound is very important i guess. :)

  9. Wow
    Such creative ways so that little minds get involved and also remember it forever

  10. Great pointers mentioned to teach a child alphabet. I have used most of them. ABC song really helps them to remember the alphabets. They had also used wooden alphabet boards which helped them to recognise the alphabet.


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