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Journaling and Mindfulness

 Journaling and Mindfulness

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Journaling in simple terms means to write about your feelings, plans and activities for the day in a diary or a notebook. Sometimes, a person is not able to communicate what he feels, journaling is an excellent way to express one’s feelings.

Mindfulness helps you to be aware of the present moment. Journaling is very helpful for mindfulness.

Importance of Mindful journaling:

1.     Uplifts mood:

Mindfulness helps to let go of all then negative emotions. Sometimes a person is not bale to express himself vocally. A diary or a journal are a great tool for people who cannot express them vocally. Once you write about your feelings, you are expressing them freely and are letting them go.

2.   Manage Stress:

Journaling is a wonderful tool to manage stress and negative emotions. When you write, you are writing about your feelings in detail and expressing them on paper. Putting thoughts on paper, releases stress and negative emotions, which in turns helps you to reduce stress.

3.   Helps in decision making:

All of us at some point have to make some hard decisions in life. Writing about the pros and cons of what you have to decide about helps to make important decisions in life.

4.   Keeping track of your goals:

It is very hard to be focused all the time. Writing about your goals on a piece of paper, keeps you focused and on track with your goals. Written goals are a reminder that you have to work hard to achieve them.

5.    Good for cognitive thinking:

Journaling keeps our memory sharp. Not only does it boost memory but also helps us to comprehend better. It keeps the mind working, which is very good for cognitive skills.

6.   Helps to prioritize your problems and fears:

Journaling helps you to write down your deepest fears and concerns on a piece of paper. Tracking down your symptoms, fears and concerns helps you to take charge of emotions. Once you are able to identify your triggers, you  will be able to control your emotions.

Journaling is not difficult. You can start from today. You just need a diary, pen and set aside a particular time of the day when you can sit alone and write. It will relax and calm you down is very therapeutic too.

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  1. Absolutely! Blogging is also a form of journaling. It's a form of self-expression, where our inner thought processes take shape in the form of words and sentences. It does have therapeutic effects.
    Visiting you via BlogChatter.
    I = India

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