Thursday, October 8, 2020

Along came a Spyder - Book Review

 Book Review

Book Name : Along came a Spyder

Author        : Apeksha Rao

Format        : Paperback

Publisher   : Tree Shade Books

Pages         : 255

Blurb :

At 17, Samira Joshi has only one dream in life. She wants to be a spy. Spying runs in the Joshi genes. Her great grandmother was famous for sticking her nose in everyone's business. Her grandmother had a flourishing side-business of tracking down errant husbands and missing servants. Her parents are elite intelligence agents for RAW. Yet, they want their only daughter to become a doctor. When she sees a college friend being trapped by a pimp, Samira does some spying of her own, and discovers the existence of a secret sisterhood of teen spies - the Spyders. And, she wants in !

The question is, do they want her ?

Why did I read this book?

I read the Itsy Bitsy Spyder, which is the sequel to this book and I loved that book. I had to read this book and I must say that I loved this book even more. 

My Review :

I am a big fan of  mystery, drama and thriller books. This book is unputdownable. It is fast paced and I love Apeksha's way with words. Each scene has been described in detail and all characters have been portrayed very well. I already fell in love with Samira from the Itsy Bitsy Spyder. I could relate to Samira's relationship with her mom because most of the teenage girls have a similar kind of relationship with their mothers. Apeksha has also shown how strong the Indian family ties are! Although Samira wants to become a Spy but she only wants to become one with her parents approval. The strong relationship with the grandmother is also beautifully depicted in the book. 

The language of the book is simple and crisp. The cover is beautiful, modern and very chic!. 

I am sure young adults as well as adults will enjoy reading the book.

About the author :

Apeksha Rao is a multi-genre author from Bangalore.

Apeksha has written many short stories based on the same series

Apeksha’s current works in progress: A middle-grade book, a chick-lit featuring a detective, and a horror novel (the writing of which is giving her sleepless nights).

Rating : 4/5


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