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Once Upon a Reunion _ Book Review


Title                 -   Once Upon  A Reunion

Author             -   Nithya Sahi

Publisher          -  NK & Co.

Format             -  E Book

Genre              -  Romance / Fiction

No. of  Pages   - 264  

 Blurb :

Have you ever sat late into the night, missing an ex, and going over hundreds of 'what-if' scenarios?
Have you loved someone to the point of losing your mind?
Like most Indian women who have loved, lost, and settled for an arranged marriage, Nirmala secretly pines for her ex-lover, Suresh, even as she leads a happy, mostly peaceful life with Sreenivas, her husband. Memories of her first love resurface occasionally, disturbing her present life.Unable to fully love Sreenivas with the insane intensity she had felt for Suresh, she is conflicted and lives in a parallel world, always tormented by the probability of a what-if! 

It is at this time that her school friends plan a high school reunion, which her ex-lover, Suresh would also be attending. Nirmala sees this as an opportunity to bring a closure to that chapter of her life. But she is torn by the uncertainty and the upheaval this might cause. She fears that her meeting with her ex-boyfriend might ruthlessly tear apart the delicate fabric of her marriage. And at the reunion, her world turns on its head.        

Why did I read this book :

I love fiction books. Drama and Suspense are my favorite genres. All of us have had crushes and flings in school and college. The time spent in school and college is the most memorable and most unforgettable. Also, I love reunions. I look forward to meting my school and college friends once a year.I really liked the blurb and was intrigued to know the suspense in the romantic story.  

What I liked about the book :

This book is very easy to read. The first half half of the book brought back a lot of memories to me. One of my very close friends went through the same thing after she got married to someone else and for a long time this question was in her mind ,what if!.

The language of the book is very clear. The climax is interesting and was a surprise. I wish that the author could have elaborated the second half a little more. 

Over all, an interesting read.

Rating - 3.5/5 

About the Author :

Nithya Sahi is an author and a book reviewer from Chennai. She lives with her human family and three fishes. To earn some paper currency, she slogs at a day job creating E- Learning courses and manages to balance her remaining personal time between her various engagements, her husband, and their fishes, in that order.

She has written two romance novels and various short stories. One of them, Kalyani, got shortlisted for the Commonwealth Short Story Award, 2018.

Once Upon A Reunion is her third fiction and first Literary Fiction Title.

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