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How does Phonics help in reading for pleasure ?

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In simple terms, phonics means teaching letter sounds, so that the children can read and write words easily.

The traditional way of teaching the English Language involves showing children the whole words and asking them to memorize them. All of us are brought up with the traditional way of learning the English Language, i.e the whole word system. The traditional way is also not wrong but if a child learns the language with the help of phonics, he can read faster and become proficient in reading.

In Phonics, the first step is to introduce the letter sound. When the child sees the letter, the child can speak both the name of the letter and its sound.

After the letter sound, the child is taught how to blend two letters together with the help of sounds.If the child knows the letter sounds, he will definitely try to blend and use the phonics rules to read the word. This also gives him the confidence that he can read because he will definitely try to read more words. 

The next step is to segment a big word and read the word. 

There is no guessing of words when a child reads with the help of phonics.Children who learn phonics are able to decode the words which aids in the development and recognition of words.The more words they recognize, the easier it becomes for them to read more words.

A child who know phonics rules and blends becomes an independent reader faster than the one who is not aware if the phonics rules. The reading fluency helps in reading comprehension. When they read independently they are able to understand easily what they are reading.

Children love story books. When they are young, we read aloud to them but once they learn the letter sounds and blends, they pick up a book themselves and read on their own. They even try to join letters and words which they do not know. 

Reading for pleasure opens up new worlds for children. It gives them the opportunity to use their imagination to explore new ideas, visit new places and meet new characters.

Reading for pleasure also improves children’s well-being and empathy. It helps them to understand their own identity, and gives them an insight into the world and the views of others.

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  1. Phonics give a strong base for the young readers. Once they know the sounds of each alphabets, it help them in reading. As you said, there is no guessing work. They know what and what they are reading.

  2. very well said, phonetic creates a strong based for reading, it also helps to develop child's vocabulary .

  3. Learning Phonics prepares a rock base of reading. Well said, traditional way of learning was not wrong at all, but yes a baseline confusion had always been there. A phonics makes the recognition of alphabets crystal clear for kids at the very introductory stage.

  4. Agree with you... children who learn phonics becomes independent reader quickly with a solid base. Phonics is must for all the children for quick learning.

  5. I was initially not convinced with teaching phoniic before learning the alphabets. But after kid learnt it I did realise that it had its own benefits

  6. Phonics is a very good methodlogy for kids to start reading and learning. In fact my daughter always loved in her initial childhood days to read books using phonics.

  7. Both my kids have learnt spelling my first lea information their sound. And now I make ask them to read and write by first identifying identifying sound of the word.

  8. My child is five years old and have learnt phonics last year. I can see it indeed gets easy for her to pronounce the words and read it at her own pace. Loved reading your post and insights on this topic :)

  9. phonics helps kids to learn how to read English the quick and the correct way.

  10. I completely agree with the phonics learning and the way it helps young kids to develop interest in reading. I too have engaged with my child for phonics when she was picking up the reading interest.


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