Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Hello Healthy Skin - Book Review


 Book Name  - Hello Healthy Skin

Author            - Sindhu Vinod Narayan

Publisher       - Blogchatter

format            - E book

About the Book:

Your skin is divine and the organ that needs utmost care. Be it sensitive or no, it isn't a laboratory to keep trying on new chemicals or stuff from shiny bottles, tubes, or tubs.A most important point when you plan to choose a new skincare product is to check the ingredients on the label for the presence of harsh chemicals that could harm your skin. Next on the list would be to confirm if the product would suit your skin type.Most of the chemicals that you apply to the skin can enter your bloodstream. Skin is the largest organ that can absorb toxins and lead to skincare problems like irritation,allergies, and sensitivities. If we dare not drink crude oil, why would we put it on the skin? Whatever you use is typical food for the skin and the body.

Identifying skin type is one of the mandatory checks one has to do. Whether you use the high range or low range knowing skin type is a must to choose products that suit your skin. Brands nowadays make it clear on their labels the skin type the product suits and warnings on who shouldn't use it.

Leaving aside everything, 'Did you know that your kitchen, pantry, or your house is the biggest warehouse of skincare ingredients?" When you have so many options that are easily accessible at home, why should we fall prey to tubs and tubes?

Almost every ingredient in our kitchen has a unique skincare property. Our ancestors knew this from the very beginning. And it is all coming back into the trend with companies bringing in products based on ubtan, sandalwood, besan, and aloe vera. People are hesitant to use it from kitchens but are happy when the same is bottled and given in brightly labeled packs.

Why did I read this book?

Growing up, my Sunday ritual used to be applying a scrub of  wheat flour and cream on my face. I have seen my grand mother and my mom use raw milk on their body for years. I truly believe in using home remedies for skin rather than spending a lot of money on creams with chemicals. When I got to know about this book, I knew I had to read it because there 's nothing like raw, fresh ingredients to take care your skin.

Also, this is Sindhu's debut book and I have read her previous blogs. I like what she writes and wanted to read her book.

My Review :

This book is a plethora of ingredients which are easily available in our kitchen and we can use for our skin. I loved that Sindhu described each product, its importance and then gave options of how to use it on the skin. I have added Apple Cider Vinegar in my salads but I didn't know that it could be used as a toner too. 

This book is a very easy guide for anyone who wants to use a face pack or scrubs using natural ingredients. Her writing style is simple and clear. The book is very easy to read and one can easily go back and look for face pack recipes as all the ingredients are in alphabetical order. The title of the book is apt because you are actually saying Hello to Healthy Skin.

About the Author :

Sindhu is a freelance content writer and a social media influencer based in Chennai.She had a passion for writing even while working in the IT industry. So she quit her job to pursue her dream as 'That Madras Mom'. She enjoys taking care of her home and her two kids while writing about parenting, skin care and lifestyle.

Rating : 5/5

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