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Book Review - Desire: A slow burn, interracial romance (Train to Temptation Series 1)

 Book Review

Title -   Desire: A slow burn, interracial romance (Train to Temptation Series 1)

Author - Anna C

Format - Kindle

No. of pages - 221

Link to buy - https://www.amazon.com/Desire-interracial-romance-Train-Temptation-ebook/dp/B09D5L3R23

Blurb :

Orphaned heiress Chandni Upadhyay is running from the mother of all cliches - an evil stepmother and a forced marriage with her villainous nephew. Her cobbled together escape plan is limping along until she ends up in the wrong seat on the train.
American photographer Steve Paxton has many secret demons to fight but all he really wants, in that moment, is his window seat. One that is occupied by a very beautiful and very annoying young woman.
From unwilling travel partners to unexpected friends and finally, explosive lovers, Steve and Chandni are on the ride of a lifetime.
Steamy daydreams, weird co-passengers and shady hotels are just par for the course. Until the day Chandni's past catches up with her and drags her back, kicking and screaming.
Will their temporary relationship stand up to scheming family, past grief and their own insecurities? Or will they finally accept that there was nothing 'temporary' about them at all?

Why I read the book:

I am big fan of thriller books but lately I've starting liking romance novels. I had heard a lot about Anna C's books. When I saw this book, I really wanted to read it. Also the blurb intrigued me. 

My review :

This book is very similar to a bollywood movie with romance, action and drama but is still unique. I loved the fact that the author has portrayed Chandni took a strong decision to run away from the evil step mother. She didn't portray her as a weak woman. Also Anna C has clearly brought out how women are treated still in India where they are forced into marriage and are still not treated well in small towns. Chandni took a risk of her life but she wanted to run away from the evil step mother and start a life of her own. She had the courage to do so. There are still so many girls whose dreams are crushed by their families and are forced into marriage to men who are double their age or beat their wives. Although a romance novel, this book has a strong message for women to be independent and listen to their heart, dare to dream and strive to achieve them. They should have the guts to break away from the stereotype shackles of the society. Also, they should be able to report abuse. 

The plot is interesting. An American photographer and an Indian meet for the first time the circumstances lead them to like each other. I loved the romantic chemistry between the two.  All in all a light and an easy read. 

What I didn't like:

Certain parts seemed a little dragged and predictable. 

Anna C is a new romance writer on the block, promising to bring you a sizzling romance novel every month to your kindle!

Rating : 4/5

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