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Whisper in the WInd - Book Review

Book Review 

Book Name : Whisper in the Wind
Author : Venita Coelho
Publisher. : Westland Publications
Genre. : Fiction / Drama / Gothic


🍂In Venita Coelho's Whisper in the Wind, the main protagonist is a writer,  Jamshed Fali Irani who is struggling to finish his book. The book is set in Portuguese Goa of 1947. He encounters a madman who tells him to listen to the stories and secrets murmured by the winds. He finds little Alice running about in a graveyard searching for Sara, her sister who disappeared many years ago, and he catches the mysterious Tania, stealing water from the well in his yard. In the dead of night, holed up in a decrepit mansion in the Portuguese Goa of 1947, sounds float towards him: thick, pattering raindrops, jingling wind chimes, soft voices from the forest and screaming, like 'a woman in agony'. Jamshed promises Sara, that he will find her sister, Sara. He gets caught in many dangerous situations , risking his own life too!

🍂But was he able to find Sara? Was Sara dead or alive? To know more, read the book!


🍂I haven't read many ghost / gothic novels. When I came across this book, I was really interested in reading it because it was mystery mixed with some eeriness ! I felt the beginning of the book is a little slow but after that it gains pace. Venita Coelho has described the scenes vividly and one starts imagining along. I felt the book is emotional too because the way Venita describes about the orphan girls living in the convent, deprived of love makes you sad.  The climax of the book is very well done. All the characters, whether they have a large part or a small part in the story have been described well. The cover of the book is intriguing and makes you know what the book is all about. All in all a good read !

Rating ⭐⭐⭐/ 5

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