Sunday, September 8, 2019

I also slept with Rashmi Vema - Book Review

Book Review

Book Name -  I also slept with Rashmi Verma
Author         -  Love Thon
Format         -  Kindle

Description :

I Also Slept With Rashmi Verma is a college campus story with a central love interest forming the backbone of the book where the author loves the lead protagonist Rashmi Verma and tries unsuccessfully to have sex with her only to succeed right at the end. She, in turn, sleeps with all his friends and denies him all the time. This central theme of erotic love forms the backbone of campus life with college festivals, group fights, pot-smoking, chaddi grabbing and stealing of examination papers. You will meet quirky characters like Peanut John, Raizada, Ani Bahal and Mama Molester. Come get laid this winter. She is waiting – our very own Rashmi Verma.

Review :

I picked up  this book because the cover looked very interesting. It is bright and I assumed it depicted the different moods of a woman. Also, I thought it would be a romantic , quick read love story of a college couple, their relationship . But I absolutely wrong!

 I was highly disappointed when I read the book. The author has portrayed a woman's character in a very negative way. I completely understand that erotica can be a harsh and a challenging genre to write and dive into but the language used in the book is also very offensive  and derogatory. Most of the chapters do not have any connect to each other.

Rating - 2/5 

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