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Why are Activities important for kids ? #blogchatterA2Z

All of  us talk about  making kids do activities. But what is an activity ? An activity is something that you spend time doing. As per Google , " An activity is something that you do or just the state of doing ."

Engaging kids in various activities from the time they are babies is very important. You can easily plan small activities at home for your baby and toddlers. It will not only keep him engaged but also are very important for his overall development.

You do  not need to buy expensive toys or materials to plan activities for babies and kids. You can make the most of what is available with you.

For small babies, you can try the following activities :
  •  Regular tummy time and floor play is very important for babies. Tummy time helps in developing muscle strength and control. It also helps in letting your baby see the world from a different perspective.
  • Peekaboo :This is great for your baby's social and emotional development.
  • Gentle tickles or with objects like feather or with objects like cloth or foam. This helps in the sense of touch.
  • You can place a lot of different objects around your child. This will help your child in recognition of colour, size and shape. Also it will encourage your child to reach and grasp it.
  • Sturdy furniture, toys or boxes. These can get your child crawling, standing or walking.
You can engage the toddlers with following activities :
  • Dress up games, pretend play or make a tent out of a bed sheet. Let him use his imagination and have fun.
  • Give him bubble wrap, cardboard boxes , kitchen utensils. Let him explore different material and their sounds.
  • Put on your kids favourite music and let him dance.
  • Give a lot of different coloured objects to your child and ask him to sort each colour.
You can engage preschoolers in following activities:
  • Start with various alphabet and number activities with preschoolers. For eg, alphabet matching , number matching, circle the correct alphabet and number respectively.
  • Jigsaw puzzles are the best to keep him occupied.
  • You can involve him in helping you with household chores.
  • The kids love sensory activities. Make a sensory bin at home with whatever material is available at home .
Physical Activity :

Along with indoor activities, it is very important for kids to go out and play.  Regular physical activity helps in  building strong bones and muscles and controls weight 

Importance of activities for kids :
  • If you do activities with your child from the time he is a baby, it becomes a routine for him. 
  • It brings in a sense of discipline and time that he has to finish an activity in a given set of time.
  • The child is busy and doesn't ask for screen time.
  • It improves his cognitive, fine  motor , gross motor ,social and emotional skills.
  • It build his imagination and he is able to think creatively.
  • It improves his concentration and over all hand eye co-ordination.
Your child's early years are very important for his overall growth. Make the most of it and spend maximum time with him. 


  1. I love the activities you have suggested for toddlers. Great list

  2. This is much informative and must read for new parents Simrit. #tmmreads

  3. I completely agree with you Simrit- children crave and deserve healthy cognitive development through activities. This is a wonderful post with so many ideas!
    Noor Anand Chawla

  4. Agree with the pointers you have shared. Kids need to be involved in different types of activities for their all round development, which included cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being! Thanks for this informative post, Simrit!

  5. Activities are a great way to keep kids away from screen time. Helps their cognitive as well as motor skills. I have followed most of them for my twinnies. Very nicely compiled.

  6. The first DIY activity post I read in this challenge is yours. Well though of and described indeti, this would be the information parents need in the age of lockdown.

  7. This is such a wonderful post with so many lovely ideas. We as parents need to do different activities for their cognitive development. I did lots of them with Miss A and still do (depending on her mood ;) )

  8. Thanks for suggesting those activities.Really needed right now.

  9. What a practical list, I would say :)

  10. Kids of every age need some sort of activities. Depending on their age, if we plan for some activities then they are not going to ask or screen time. That the end goal of every parent these days.

  11. We love activities and baby goes about shouting activity in her own childish slang whenever I take few of her DIY activities..

  12. I completely agree with you dear..indeed active kids are happy kids. love the set of activities you had shared here. I had tried most of them with my girls.

  13. These activities are great Simrit, activities are really important for children

  14. Mom's are almost always at their wits end, when it comes to keeping their toddlers busy. This post should help.

  15. Keep doing the good work..get the babies away from screens as much as u can...ur posts must be an inspiration to new moms.

  16. Much needed post, I always hunt for the activities to keep children away from screens, my son used to skip his meals
    While screen hours earlier .
    Archana Srivastava


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