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Building Blocks And Their Importance #BlogchatterA2Z

All kids love to play with blocks. But what are building blocks ? In simple language, building blocks are a set of cube shaped blocks used by children to make simple constructions. Toy blocks can be wooden, plastic or foam pieces of different shapes and colours. Sometimes they depict letters of the alphabets and numbers. They are also very powerful learning tools.

Small children feel accomplished and very happy when they make their block tower higher and higher. When it tips over, they laugh and do it all over again. It seems very easy to us to make one tower. But for small kids it takes a lot of skill !. Building blocks is one of the best educational toys for toddlers which develops multiple skills .

I got a set of stacking blocks and colourful rings for my son when he was about ten months old.Initially I sat with him and helped him stack up the blocks but gradually he was able to do it himself. After stacking the proud expression on his face that he has accomplished something is so precious!

The benefits of building blocks are :
  • Better Motor Skills :Grasping blocks is not easy for small babies. The act of grasping blocks itself serves as a good practice for gripping objects and strengthens the fingers and hands of the child.
  • Improves Creativity :Kids are very creative. You give them any toy or object and they can play with it, make a story out of it and can surprise you with their creativity . If they are exposed to building blocks at an early age, you will see that they start thinking creatively and create some wonderful structures.
  • Hand Eye Co-ordination :The child learns to place the blocks in such a way that it doesn't topple over.
  • Building Blocks help in promoting Mental Stimulation :Children learn to think logically while playing with building blocks. After failing a few times, the child realizes how to build the blocks properly. An older child realizes that he has to make a stronger base at the bottom and then construct upwards.
  • Helps in improving mathematical and vocabulary skills It has been proved that building blocks help in improving child's language and mathematical skills. While playing with blocks, they can learn the names of colours, different shapes and sizes of blocks. Mathematical skills are improved as they learn how to count, add up or subtract the number of blocks while making a structure.
  • Toy blocks promote better spatial reasoning :Spatial reasoning means that a child can generate, retain , retrieve, and transform well structured visual images. Over a period of time, after putting blocks together, they become aware of their spatial intelligence.
  • Toy blocks encourages positive social interaction :Building blocks are a great way for kids to play together as a team. They learn to work together, accomplish a task and work together as a team.. When this starts happening at an early age, they learn great communication and social skills.
Tips : Getting most from your toy blocks :
  • Play along with your child and demonstrate how to build a structure. Challenge kids with specific building tasks. For eg., you can show them a pattern or a picture and ask them to make the same .
  • Stimulate interest in toy blocks by providing them other accessories along with the blocks. For eg.You can give them a car or people or a cow, they might think of making a barn, this is also great for pretend play.
  • Combine blocks with story time. This is a wonderful way of  making kids use their imagination. After reading the story, you can give them a set of blocks and ask them to make something related to the story.

Does your child like to play with blocks ? Do share in comments .

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  1. Lovely read, blocks are really important. Avisha loves playing with blocks. It's one thing that kids would never get bored off.

  2. Perfect one for sure! This blocks is what keeping all of us in peace

  3. Building Blocks not only attract young kids, upping their curiosity, but also help them build many important skills.

  4. every child must have building blocks, they are simple yet have so much to learn from it.
    -Ujjwal Mishra

  5. This is so true and one of my daughter's favourites. #tmmreads #blogchattera2z

  6. Blocks are such a fantastic and simple tool to aid the mental and physical development of our kids. Lovely post!
    Noor Anand Chawla

  7. The points in spacial cognition were very new to me. Am going to encourage my child to play more

  8. The cognitive skills of toddlers is amazing and I love to watch my grandson stacking his with such seriousness. Glad to see u encouraging playing with blocks rather than just giving babies a mobile or an ipad to keep them busy.

  9. My kids have aways been into blocks. Its a great way to encourage independent play and foster their creativity.

  10. Never read something so different, and informative this for writing

  11. A perfect post for all the mothers, yes my son also loves to play with colourful blocks, that keep him busy especially in this lockdown period

  12. Blocks are always great when it comes to develop better motror skills and enhancing creativity. my girls just loved it when they were little.

  13. I too believe making blocks, stacking them up plays an important role in developing various skills into toddlers and kids, though it takes a lot of efforts in sitting with kids initially but later the results of growth in them is treat for the eyes.
    Archana Srivastava

  14. Yes, my 5 yr old is so emotional about his blocks... Not only he has a story for everything he builds... But he ensures it stays in one piece till the morning after he is done playing in the night... And first thing he checks in the morning if his castle is intact!!

  15. We love playing with blocks and making different things every time. I have got blocks of different shapes and styles as well. They are wonderful for overall development.

  16. Lovely post. Blocks are one of the first toys kids play with and the variations in usage go a long way. I always recommend blocks as one of the best toys for each child.

  17. Lovely post. You have rightly mentioned the benefits. My son loved making blocks but off lately has lost interest in it.


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