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Crafts for Kids #BlogchatterA2Z

According to Wikipedia,  " A craft is a pass time or a profession that requires a particular skill or knowledge of skilled work. " Did you know that engaging kids in craft activities help in improving a lot of skills. You can start doing small craft activities with your child when he is as young as fifteen  months old. 

For any craft activity, you do not need any expensive materials. The most common materials used for any craft activity are coloured paper, sketch pens, paints, scissors , glue. These are the basic materials with which you can make a lot of interesting crafts. For eg.  Toddlers love animals, you can make different animal faces and involve your child in the process. When kids see something practically, they learn faster. 

Importance of craft activities for kids are :

Builds Confidence :

When a child makes a craft, it gives him a sense of achievement that he has accomplished something. It boosts his morale and gives him confidence to do even better.

Builds Patience:

Each activity takes time and has steps to complete. Sitting through each activity and completing it requires a lot of patience.

Hand Eye Coordination:

To do any craft activity, it is very important to have  proper coordination. By doing various craft activities, the hand eye coordination of your child improves, which is very important when he starts school.

It teaches kids to follow instructions :

To make any craft involves a lot of steps. It teaches kids to follow instructions and complete each step. He understands the importance of listening to elders.

Improves  fine motor skills:

Each craft activity has involves cutting, gluing, sticking, drawing,colouring within lines,etc. which helps to improve his fine motor skills.

Improves Creativity :

Making crafts is a creative process. Once your child starts making crafts, he uses his imagination to make unique and different things.

Improves Vocabulary :

Some kids are shy and do not express themselves. By making crafts, they get confident and talk about what they have made.

Improves social skills:

Crafting is a great activity at any kids party. Set up a craft theme and let kids interact and make a craft together as a team.   This way they get to interact with others.

This is also a wonderful way for a parent and child to bond together :

Making crafts together gives you the time to spend some quality time with your child and make lots of memories together. You also get to talk and interact more with your child.

Some kids take time in building an interest in a craft activity. We should be patient and repeat the activity a number of times with him so that he is interested in it. From one craft activity you can make you child learn colours, shapes, patterns and even build a story  around it.

Do you like making crafts with your child ? Do share in comments .

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  1. These days keeping kids occupied for even a few minutes is a task but if u make crafts with them they are enthused and join in.Another good one Simrit.

  2. Crafts are a really great way to keep them engaged and less expensive too. #tmmreadsv#blogchattera2z

  3. Crafts can be a wonderful hobby. I loved making things for my friends and family as a kid. Over time, I've lost the habit. It's indeed a very good activity for children.

  4. Yes, crafts can be very good. Some great advantages you've listed.

  5. Yes crafting offers so many great benefits and great way to spend quality time together as a family. I always love to do lots of crafts and DIYs with my girls. it is great fun and learning too.

  6. My daughter has no interest in colouring but crafts are her favourite. We are doing lots of them these days and they do have a lot of benefits as mentioned by you. Lovely post

  7. Crafts is the best way to keep kids busy.. my son love craft activities, I just give him supply and see his creativity expand... Love the way you summed up the benefits of crafts

  8. My son and I have been doing endless crafts during this lockdown and it has been amazing! Totally agree with all the benefits you have listed here.

  9. Yeah these days my son and me are trying to build spring on our window pane with Sun, Grass, origami birds, origami trees, origami flowers, a rainbow, origami butterflies etc...

  10. I completely agree. Crafts always help kids to be more creative and be engaged in a meaningful way but I am not being able to use this lockdown opportunity for the same.

  11. I have been doing a lot of diy and crafts during this lockdown period and could not agree more with the pointers you have shared. It helps them in more than one ways.

  12. My son doen't take interest in craft activities, but during this social distancing period we have done many DIY activities, and i am very happy thatthese activities made him more focused.Your post encouraged me to hand on for more ideas.

    Archana Srivastava


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