Friday, April 17, 2020

Different Outdoor Activities and their Importance #BlogchatterA2Z

These days kids get a lot of screen time and they hardly play any sport. The reason for obesity and so many other ailments is because the kids sit at home and hardly have any physical activity.  Even babies need to go out in the open environment for sometime during the day. You can do a lot of  indoor activities related to nature with your kids.

Various outdoor activities which the kids love are :

Running :

Kids love free space. It is a blessing if you have a garden or a terrace. If you do  not have either of these , take the kids to a park and let them run or jog and play a lot of sports. This helps in their ability to balance, jump, climb, throw, run and skip which is very essential for their overall physical growth.
When children play outside , they are more active which helps them to build strong bones and have better fitness levels. They tend to burn off extra calories. When they play outside, they are exposed to natural Vitamin D, which is good for their health. Lack of Vitamin D can lead to Rickets.

Playing with Bubbles :

Who doesn't love bubbles? Take your child outside and give him a large tub with soap ,water and a straw. The babies love to feel the texture of bubbles, which is very good for their sensory development too! Also, when the bubble pops, the noise amuses them and it a treat to see their beautiful expression. 

Swinging High :

No list of outdoor activities for babies would be complete without a mention of the playground swings! Once your little one can sit up and has good head and neck control, scope out a playground with baby swings, plop them in one and start pushing! The swinging sensation is sure to bring on big smiles.

Structured Sports :

Kids learn to play a lot of structured sports like different races, football and cricket.This also teaches them how to win. This gives them the spirit to win and excel. Also when the kids are in a park with other kids, they inculcate team spirit.It teaches them to play in groups which help in getting them to play together with others .

·     Do Story time Outside :
When kids play outside, they are exposed to a large area and a different environment from indoors. Spread out a blanket under a shady tree and crack open a few of baby’s favorite books.  Try looking for books that take place in nature, so you can point out the trees and grass in the story as well as around you.

Nature Walk :
Take your child for a nature walk. Point out all the different sights ,colorful flowers and sounds as you talk to your child about what you are seeing and hearing. Let him reach out and touch safe items like leaves, petals and blades of grass. 
 It encourages them to take risks,  run on challenging trails. They try and assess the situation and become good at risk assessment. They also explore new games on their own.

Conclusion :

When kids play outdoors, they are exposed to a completely new environment of sky, grass, sun, clouds. This exposure is very good for their mental development too. It has been proved that kids who play for an hour everyday outdoors have better problem solving skills, are more creative and have a better memory.They interact with other kids , play random games. This makes them independent and confident.Kids who play outside, get proper exercise which tires them out. When they are physically exhausted, they get better sleep and they wake up fresh and active in the morning.



  1. Outdoor play is so important and it has no many benefits. Your ideas are really good and show outdoor just does not mean to play a sport. There can be more fun ways.

  2. As a kid, I used to love roaming about in the garden, chasing after butterflies and being chased by spiders! Outdoor activities are very important indeed though they are hard to come by in the concrete jungles that we live in.


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