Thursday, April 16, 2020

Activities Related to Nature and their Importance #BlogchatterA2Z

It is very important to introduce kids to nature very early in life.  From the time your baby is very small, make it a routine to take him outdoors for half an hour to one hour in a day. He will observe the sky, trees , flowers and the greenery around him. As he grows older, you can perform interesting activities for kids to make him more aware of the world around him.

Importance of introducing Nature activities to kid are :

·        Physical Development :

It has been proved that the kids who are exposed to nature are calm and are better team players.

·        Creative Development :

Kids who play in the nature are more creative than the kids who do not have any exposure to the nature. They can imagine and draw beautiful trees, flowers, clouds and rain.

·        Mental Development :

Kids who love nature have better problem solving skills , learn things faster, lessen the chances of being ADHD and have a better memory.

·        Improves Vocabulary :

Kids learn a lot about various leaves, flowers, rain, weather, clouds, sun moon ,etc. This definitely improves their memory.

·        Appreciate Nature :

If kids are exposed to nature, they learn to appreciate the world where they live and learn how to take care of it.

You can do lots of enjoyable Nature activities with your kids :

·        Make your own garden :

Collect different  and flowers with your child. Put paint on the flower petals and leaves print on a sheet of paper. Make it colourful. Your kid will be very proud of his own garden.

·        Parts of a plant :

You can sow seed in mud and let you child water it everyday. He will observe how the seed germinate , grow into stems, leaves, bud and a flower.

·        Clouds and Rain :

You can make cotton clouds and then with finger print you can get your child to make rain.

·        Nature Scavenger Hunt :

Give a basket to your child and arrange a small scavenger hunt, where he has to follow the clues and collect different stones, flowers and leaves. By the end of the hunt, he will be very happy with what he has in his basket.

·        Vegetable Printing:

You can cut vegetables like potatoes, onions , ladyfinger into different flower shapes. Put some colour on the vegetable and ask your child to make the print on the sheet.

·        Sink and Float :

Fill a tub with water and get various objects like, stones, pebbles, leaves, flowers and sticks. Put one object in the water. Make your child see which objects float and which sink in water.

·        Finger Print Insects :

There are various insects in the gardens. You can make various insects like butterflies, ants, bees, ladybugs, snails, etc. with finger  paints.

·        Trees :

Use Newspaper strips and paste them on a piece of paper to make the bark of the tree. For the leaves , take a sponge, dip in green colour and print on the sheet. Your beautiful tree is ready !

·        Rainbow:

Kids love rainbows, Take different rainbow coloured paper strips and paste on the sheet of paper in  the order of rainbow colours. The kids will learn the rainbow colours and will enjoy too.

·        Early Math Actvities :

Take pebbles or sticks, ask him to count. Or make butterflies on a piece of paper and ask him to count. Make 8-9 ladybugs on a sheet of paper and draw different number of dots on each ladybug. Ask him to count the dots on each ladybug.

You can try these activities with your child when he is two years and above . Have you tried any nature activities with your child? Do share in comments.


  1. I think it's very important for children to be with nature. They get a broader picture of the world around us and what sustains us.
    Coincidentally, I have blogged on the same word for N!

  2. be close to nature and you will learn lot of things. kids love rain , leaves and they are eager to play with everything around them

  3. Nature has much to teach all of us, especially children. I agree with all your pointers.

  4. This nature and learning from the kitchen I think are the most satisfying lessons we can give our kids.Your list is extensive and wonderful.

  5. A connect with nature is very important. It keeps you calm and also you have lots to learn. Lovey ideas as always

  6. I loved all your nature activities a lot. Nature learning even develops a bond with your natural surroundings too. I'm a nature person and so are my kids, as my kids are lil grown up so in their age we go for walks, treks, and even try to understand and search for varieties of flora and fauna around us.

  7. We did vegetable printing yesterday with Okara and potato. Will try some activities suggested by you too.

  8. Your post has reminded me mine last year's a2z series and I had also shared nature crafts for kids as "N". yes, nature had lost of benefits for our physical and mental health and it is always good to spend time in nature with kids.

  9. Great post, it's important that are kids understand and love nature. You have mentioned easy and interesting activities.

  10. Nature play is so exciting and this is the best time to engage them

  11. Totally agree with you Simrit, nature make kids learn various things effortlessly, as summer starts to approach I started to renovate my patio garden, thanks for sharing interesting activities,
    Archana Srivastava

  12. U listed some amazing activities kids must do. I am yet to try scavenger hunt though

  13. I completely agree with you... connecting with nature is of utmost importance


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