Monday, April 27, 2020

Imparting knowledge to kids about Weather #BlogchatterA2Z

One of the greatest things of being a parent is discovering the world through their young eyes. Weather is an important factor in the world around us and affects us on a daily basis.Some kids are afraid of thunder and lightening or are surprised by the  beautiful colours of the rainbow or how the snow falls. It is important to teach them and make them aware about the different weather conditions. You can teach them about the weather from a very early age.

Simple activities which you can do with kids to make them understand about weather :

·        DIY Weather Chart :

Cut a cardboard in the form of a circle. Paste a chart paper on it. Divide it into four halves. On one half draw a sun, in the next one draw clouds, then rain and in the last one sun and clouds. Make an arrow with a cardboard  and attach on the centre of the circle. Ask your child, everyday to go outside and see what weather it is, whether it is sunny, or cloudy or rainy. This will teach him the basic of everyday weather.

·        Make a Rainbow:

Take strips of different coloured paper and stick on sheet of paper in the order of rainbow colours – V- Violet, I- Indigo, B- Blue, G- Green , Y- Yellow, O – Orange and R= Red.

·        Clouds and Rain:
Take cotton and stick on sheet of paper to form clouds. With finger Printing make rain droplets.

·        Different Seasons:
Make four trees. Make the leaves with bits of cotton. Colour the first tree bright and colourful, depicting Spring season. The next one only green, depicting Summer season. The third one in the shades of red, yellow and orange, depicting Autumn and the last one without any leaves, depicting Winter season.
Importance of teaching kids about weather :

   Awareness :

The kids should be aware about the world they live in. Small kids should know about the basics of the weather conditions.

·        Vocabulary :

Kids learn a lot of new words regarding different weather conditions and different seasons which help in improving their vocabulary.

·        Imagination :

When a child sees clouds in the sky or a rainbow or snow, his imagination improves and becomes more creative.

·        Reduce Anxiety :

When you talk to kids about the weather and make them understand about it, they are not anxious or scared and understand that it is a natural phenomenon.

·        Improves IQ:

The kids get to know about the world they live in which improves their general knowledge and IQ.

·        Confident :

If you make kids aware about the weather at an early age, they are confident when the teacher teaches them in the classroom. They are confident that thy know the concept ahead of their class.

Have you tired any activity on weather with your child? 


  1. I often talk about weather and season with my daughter and she understands the basic concepts now. I like the craft idea of cotton and rain. will try that soon. This was a nice post.

  2. We talk to our son about changing weather all the time and incorporate fun activities too. Lovely post.


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