Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Fun activities for kids during X-Mas #BlogchatterA2Z

All kids wait for X-Mas and their X-Mas gift from Santa Claus, especially small kids.  They love to decorate the X-Mas tree with the jewels, bells, stars and lights.

You can make your child's X-Mas more exciting by doing a lot of different activities with him.

·        X-Mas Cards:

You can make beautiful X-mas cards for your friends and relatives with your child. This will make him feel involved in the X-Mas preparations.

·        Hand Print X-Mas Tree :

With green paint, you can make a hand print X-Mas tree. Lights on the tree can be made by doing multi colour finger painting on top of the hand printing.

·        Snowman :

You can make a snow man by using cotton. Be innovative and dress him up as you like.

·        Foot Print Reindeer:

Kids love painting in any form . Make foot print Reindeer and I am sure your child will love it.

·        X-Mas Special Sensory Bin:

You can keep your kids busy making a X-Mas theme sensory bin. Fill it with a lot of decorations and hide a few of your kids toys. Ask him to hunt the toys from the bin. Make it fun by blind folding your child’s eyes.

DIY Candy Cane:

Take Sticks from your garden. Wrap them in White and Red paper. Your Candy Cane is ready.

·        X-Mas Theme Stories:

Read a lot of X-Mas theme stories to your child. My son has a lot of X-mas themed story books. My son's favouite X-Mas stories are Mr. Men - A White Christmas and Peppa's Christmas.

·        Painting :

Ask your child to paint a X-Mas tree or a Santa Claus with paints. He will definitely enjoy doing it.

·        DIY X-Mas Wreath:

Take colourful papers and cut them in a form of leaves or any shape . Join together in the form of a circle. Be as creative as you want to be.

·        Alphabet or Number Matching: 

     On a piece of paper, Draw a X-Mas Tree. Write random number or letters of the alphabets . Give your child number or alphabet pieces and ask him to match with with the correct number or the letter of the alphabets. You can even get him to match lower case letters to upper case letters.

·        Baking:

Involve your child in baking X-Mas cookies and cake.  

Importance of Doing X-Mas Activities with your kids :

·        Knowledge about X-Mas:

By doing various activities with your child, he becomes aware of the importance of X-Mas and why is it celebrated.

·        Bonding with your child:

When you do activities together with your child, it bonds you with him. You get to spend some quality time with him which is very important for his overall development.

·        Fine Motor Skills :

When a child, paints, cuts and pastes , his fine motor skills are improved which are very important for his grip.

·        Imagination:

When a child does an art activity, his imagination expands and he uses his brain to think beyond limits.

·        Creativity :

By doing various X-Mas activities with your child, you will also improve his creativity . He will definitely try to do better , will come up with a lot of creative ideas and make wonderful things.

What is your child's favourite X-Mas activity ?


  1. Interesting selection of activities. Thanks for the suggestions. Sure will try something like this. Happy A2Zing :)
    -- rightpurchasing.com

  2. Very easy and great idea to keep the kids occupied and personalised greetings as well Simrit.

  3. Christmas is a big deal in our home so we do many of the activities you have listed here. We also enjoy making Christmas tree decorations at home.

  4. Will save this post for xmas. Last year was the first time Miss A was excited about it. I will use these activities and I am sure she will love them. Thanks for sharing

  5. These are some doable fun activities to keep kids occupied during X-mas winter break. Baking is yet another fun thing to do with kids, they love making cakes and muffins. important points are well listed.

  6. wow amazing collection of x-mas activities. we had done most of them and had loads of fun with these.

  7. Easy and interesting list of activities mentioned. Will try them out with my kiddos. Thanks for sharing


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