Friday, April 24, 2020

Importance of playing UNO with Kids #BlogchatterA2Z

Do you remember as kids we used to play UNO? I still love to play that game. It’s even more interesting now as it has a lot of different versions.

For those of you who don’t know what UNO is , “ UNO is a classic card game. Players take turns matching a card in their hand with the current card shown on top of the deck either by colour or number. There are special action cards which can help you defeat your opponent.

You can play this game with a child who is as young as two years old. You can deal 3 or 5 cards when you are playing with a toddler. This makes it easy for him to handle cards. Remove all the action cards and only keep the number and the colour cards. To make the game easy, lay the cards face up in front of him so that he can easily look for the number or colour. Explain it to him when he gets stuck.

It can take some time for the child to get the hang of it but once he understands he will love it.

Importance of teaching UNO to your child :

·        Identify Colours :

All the cards have different colours . This is a very good game to help teach your child colours. You can ask your child to match the colours. Encourage him to place red on top of the red coloured card, blue on top of the blue coloured card, green on top of the green coloured card and yellow on top of the yellow coloured card. Encourage your child to repeat the colours after you and slowly he will learn. Once he learns the colours, you can randomly ask him to pick out one colour card for you.

·        Identify Numbers:

UNO has numbers 0-9 cards. When you are teaching number cards to your toddler, this game can definitely come in handy. Like you have flash cards, in the same way, you can use UNO cards to teach numbers to your child. He has to match the same number cards. It might take  a little time but slowly your child will become a pro and will be very quick in recognizing numbers.

·        Attention:

UNO helps in building attention span in a child. The end goal of the game is to finish what cards you have. By playing the game, the attention span of the child increases and he will be able to focus more.

·        Sportsmanship:

Any game which we play, the end goal is to win the game. But it is not necessary that every time you will win. You also lose sometime when you are playing any game. The child learns the spirit of sportsmanship and the urge to win the game.

·        Develops his Thinking Ability :

The child has to think and place the card, whether it is the correct colour, or the number. This helps in developing his overall thinking ability.

Sometimes simple games bring a lot of happiness to your child. Does your little one like to play UNO?


  1. How I absolutely love the game of UNO . And my kids have practiced their number and colors using this very game. I can't wait for my younger one to be big enough to play UNO and then my kids can play on their own, leaving me in peace to read.

  2. That is a wonderful idea. I never realized we could play with little kids with modifications. Thanks for the suggestion. Simple games always bring happiness. They are called classic for a reason :)

  3. One game i never played is UNO...dunno why

  4. This is one of my favorites, but never realized we can teach so much from it. Thanks for the informative post, Simrit.
    Happy A2Zing :)

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  5. Uno was one of my favourite games from childhood and continues as one of my favourites to this day!

  6. UNO is our family game, and so loved it. I had never played it in my childhood but my elder Mcandy taught me and now we are addicted to it. I loved the important points you have jotted down, this makes it more favourite game for me now.

  7. UNO is such an interesting fun game and kids loved it a lot. thanks simrit sharing such wonderful ideas each day for kids..I am sure it will help a lot to parents keep their kids creatively engaged.

  8. Uno is one of the favorites game of my whole family, in lockdown days we whole family kept Uno game at the top list, I am glad to see someone mentioned the UNO game as one of the most lovable game among kids even in this era also.

  9. The huge large size cards makes card playing a snap for little youngsters and there are even uncommon decks that are equipped to their inclinations. There are large measured cards intended for single guy gatherings and birthday events and in any event, for entertainers. 홀덤


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