Thursday, April 23, 2020

Importance of Transport Activities for Kids #BlogchatterA2Z

Kids learn everything through play. Transport is a part of a child’s life from the time he is born. In simple terms transport is a medium of going form on place to another.

Transport is of three forms :

  • Land – walking, cars, scooter, bus, trains, motorcycles, bicycles and jeep
  • Water : Ships, boats, ferry, steamer and yacht
  • Air – Helicopter, aeroplane, parachute , hot air balloon, and rocket.

In order to introduce transport to babies, you can start with rhymes. For example: Wheels on the bus goes round and round. You can mix this rhyme and add, “Planes in the sky” , or “ boats in the river”. Another very popular rhyme which kids love is “ Row , row , row your boat”.

Give your child toy cars, aeroplanes, helicopters and boats to introduce him about the topic of transport.

You can do a lot of DIY activities and crafts to make them understand about transport. For example, make paper boats. Fill a small tub of water and let him float his boat. You can even make paper planes and let him play with it.

You can take your child outside and show him the vehicles on the road. Take him on a field trip to the railway station to shim him trains or take him to the airport to show him the aeroplanes. When you practically show a child, it registers more in his memory.

Importance of teaching Transport to toddlers:

Awareness :

Transport is a part of a kid’s everyday life. He should be aware of his surroundings.

Vocabulary :
Kids learn a lot of new vocabulary words which is very important for their communication.

Cognitive Skills :

By doing transport activities, a child’s cognitive skills can also improve. For example, you can ask him how many wheels  a scooter has or, a car has.

Imagination :

By doing various transport activities with kids, you can improve his imagination. One of the simplest ways of doing this is by telling stories to your child. Some very popular series are : Thomas the tank engine and Friends, Speed Mcqueen, which the kids love. Stories always improve a child’s imagination which is very good for his over all brain development.

Fine Motor Skills :

You can take print outs of different modes of transport and ask the child to paint. He can  paint with the help of water colours, or finger prints, or crayons. This will help to improve his fine motor skills.

Early Childhood education:

Transport activities are very important for a child’s early education. By performing these activities, a child can learn various colours, numbers and alphabets which is the base for his early years foundation.

Sensory Development :

You can make a sensory bin for your child, with pulses or kinetic sand or rainbow rice and put his cars or trucks in it. This activity helps to stimulate his sense of touch, feel and sight which is very important for his growth.

Enjoyment :

Modes of transport is something which the child sees everyday in his life. He can easily relate to it. The child really enjoys doing various transport activities and it keeps him occupied for a long time.


  1. Your post took me back to the time when my daughter was younger and I had these flash cards for transport and we would play different games with them. I agree teaching transport is a great thing for early education and vocabulary.


  3. Another very important learning for kids, transport activities. I had bought match it all for transport and carriers when my kiddo was 4. It was the time when my kiddo developed special love for cars and now I have huge collection of hot wheels.

  4. My son is very fond of building train tracks- a wonderful toy for overall cognitive development.

  5. Wow..never thought of imparting transport activities or vocabulary although I did try them all.Yours is a unique post dear.

  6. Transport activities also impart a sense of movement, safety, and ofcourse colours numbers and textures! Great Post!

  7. Yes transport activities are always loads of fun for kids, we had done so many activities around this theme, when my girls were young. and I remember, they had lots of fun with this. again a good post Simrit.

  8. Archana SrivastavaApril 24, 2020 at 4:07 AM

    I second with your thought, transportation activities impacts kids in various positive way, vocab building, awareness of surroundings, sensory development etc. My son is 10 now he was crazy for cars in younger days, I do not say much about my lil girl she will also enjoy all the transportation activities.
    Archana Srivastava

  9. It's good for kids to know about transportation at an early age. My twins get excited when they see a vehicle or traffic lights and say the importance they hold.


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