Saturday, April 11, 2020

Jar Activities for Kids #BlogchatterA2Z

Are you running out of ideas on how to keep your kids busy at home ? Do you want to try something different and interesting for your kids ?

 How about using your old jars for activities. You can do  a lot of DIY activities with jars and keep kids busy.  Jars activities are simple, not expensive and can keep your kids busy for a long time .

Jar Activity Ideas :
  • Sensory Activities :
This is a very good activity for babies.  Take 3-4 jars, fill them with different things, like fill one jar with pulses, second jar with crayons, third jar with beads or buttons and fourth jar with their toy cars or small balls. Close the lid properly and give the jars to your child to play. He will shake each jar and will observe that from each jar the sound is different. This activity is great to develop their thinking and observation skills.
  • Hide and Find :
Take a large jar , put kinetic sand in it and hide different objects in it. If you are teaching alphabets or numbers to your child then take numbers or alphabets from their puzzle and hide the puzzle pieces in the kinetic sand. Give the jar to your child and ask him to find the numbers or alphabets which are hidden in the jar. This activity will keep him busy for a long time and after completing it, he will feel accomplished that he knows the alphabets or numbers. He will be confident and will get a sense of achievement. This activity is very good for early childhood education.
  • DIY Crafts:
You can do some simple and easy DIY crafts with your child by using old jars. You can make a piggy bank or a beautiful pencil stand with old jars. Paint the jar together with your child and reuse your old jars in a productive manner. This activity will improve their creative skills . It will also help in making him understand the importance of not wasting anything,  reusing and recycling it.
  • Use the Jars for Activity Prompts :
Make a lot of small chits of different activities. Fold and keep them in  a jar. Everyday ask your child to take out one chit and he has to do the activity written on it. It can be as simple as make a painting today or play with your block or puzzles. This is another way to keep your kids busy and engaged. This way the child feels he has chosen the activity .So he will definitely do what is written on the small piece of paper.

Have you ever tried any activity in a jar with your child ? Do share in comments.


  1. Nice ideas. We can fill one jar with multi-colored pom poms and ask the kid to transfer a specific color to the other jar, with the help of tweezers and count them simultaneously. This will contribute to:
    Hand -eye coordination.
    Fine motor skills
    color recognition
    Revision of counting

    1. Thts a wonderful idea Navita. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Making chits and letting them pick gives them so much of joy and pride. I will try this.

  3. Interesting use of jars to keep little ones occupied. Will try these activities soon.

  4. Interesting jar activities and I will try it with son. One two jar activity , I have done with my daughter like painting it and decorating it.

  5. Very interesting ideas. I will try them soon. Thanks for this post

  6. I loved the name jar activities and these seem to be really fun with kids. One jar and so many possibilities.

  7. Loving the series Simrit and co incidentally I had tried most of these activities with my girls when they were little. jar activities are really great and so much fun for kids.

  8. Great ideas. Will try the jar activity prompts today, will atleast keep him busy for sometime. Thank you.

  9. The jars are a great way to keep them engaged with things we find around the house. Good post

  10. Awesome jar activity,it may add more fun to the kids activity, I can try this hide and seek idea with my girl.loving your series Simrit.
    Archana Srivastava

  11. I think that Hide and Find is a really interesting one!

  12. The hide and find is a great one...these are some great activities to and fun to this quarantine times

  13. Kids love this activity..just now my grandson was playing with ludi coins I put in a jar )


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