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Why is Independent Play important for kids ? #blogchatterA2Z

Does your child want to be with you all the time ? Does he only play with his toys if you sit with him ? Sounds familiar ?

Most of us go through it, right? Our kids want someone all the time to be around and play with them. But practically it is not possible for you because you have to complete your house work and other chores too. Also, it in not healthy for a child's over all growth . They need to learn to play independently.

What does Independent Play mean ?

Independent Play time is a daily scheduled time where your child plays alone. You can choose the time of the day and with which toys your child will play, occurring approximately at the same time. 
Remember small kids attention span is not much. If they play for fifteen minutes without interrupting you is a blessing.

Importance of Independent Play ?

Helps in developing focus :

Playing independently helps in developing focus in a child. He sits and focuses on completing one activity or play with one toy at a time without anyone interrupting him. This will further help him in academics.

Brings out  child's creativity :

When a child is playing independently, he thinks without anyone's interference and can be very creative, especially if he is building blocks or is doing a painting activity.

Helps in bringing out orderliness :

When a child plays independently, he also learns to keep his toys back. The sense of not throwing away toys and walking off also sets in. He learns to clean the area where he played. This will definitely help him when he grows up.

Learns how to enjoy alone :

A child who plays independently learns how to have fun alone. He understands that he doesn't have to wait for someone to come and play with him. He plays independently and enjoys whatever he is playing. This also makes him more confident for his growing up years.

Builds a sense of calmness :

Sometimes kids get riled up when they play in groups. Playing alone gives them a sense of calmness where they can play alone and independently without anyone disturbing them.

Makes them ready for school :

Moms are the only playmates for kids before they goto school. Once a child learns to play independently, he will be prepared for play school where you cannot be with him all the time.

Gives moms some free time :

Last but not the least when kids play independently, it gives you some free time where you can without interruption have a cup of coffee or complete your chores .

Tips and suggestions of Independent Play :

  • Stop playing for your child. It will take a few days for him to understand that he has to play alone. 
  • Identify the toys which your child likes. Clean his play area and keep about 5 - 6 toys which he likes within his reach.
  • Get your child started. Some kids need an inspiration to play. Spend about fifteen minuets with him and then let him play independently.
  • Do not interrupt when he is playing alone.
Independent Play Activities :
  • Set up a colouring corner : Put a few sheets and paints. Keep them in easy reach of your child so that whenever he want to paint he can paint.
  • Building Blocks :Kids can make different shapes, sort them colour wise and according to shapes.
  • Kitchen Utensils :Kids love to play with kitchen utensils. Give them non breakable utensils and let them have fun. They enjoy playing with spoons, bowls and plates. Utensils can be like a musical instrument for them.
  • Messy Play :Kids love messy play. Give them water or paints and let them have fun. You will see how much they enjoy.
  • Set up a pretend play for them and let them have fun. Put their stuffed toys also in the set up. 
  • Keep some open ended toys and let them do whatever they want to do with them.
  • Make a tent with bedsheets and you will see how much the kids enjoy to playing in the tent.
  • Play some songs . Let your child dance and have fun.
Does your child play independently ? Share his favourite independent play activities.


  1. it is great for encouraging creativity in kids

  2. This is a vital topics buddy, this independent play is vital for kids and I so loved your tips. A worthy series indeed.

  3. I really need my little one to start playing alone. I am sure your tips will help. Will try for sure. Thanks :)

    1. Thank you Arushi. I am glad that you found it helpful

  4. I so agree with you! My son thrives on independent play and imagination. It’s so incredibly important!

    1. It really is Noor for developing a kid's personality 😊

  5. Very good point need that me time for independent thinking, activity and creativity

  6. My daughter love to play independent but my son always need someone to play with him. Trying to make him play independent

  7. These are some good points you have daughter recently started independent playing and yes it's 100 % true that it boost creativity and prepares them for a lot of things as mentioned

  8. I agree independent play is very important for kids, and with this kids learn how to spend time alone..and ya of course, it helps in developing a sense of calmness too.

  9. Making a tent with bedsheets is my kids favourite play. I have seen them getting more creative if they are all by themselves. Great points πŸ‘ you have Shared.

    - Ujjwal Mishra

  10. Totally agree with all the points you had listed. Well researched post. Among my two boys my younger one is a independent player but elder one seeks company. I have noticed the independent player is more creative and expressive too.

  11. This is a milestone to achieve especially with toddlers. Mine enjoys pretend playing with her toys.

  12. My twinnies are good at playing on their own. They usually pretend play which is fun to watch and are engaged for long.Nice pointers

  13. Kids love playing independently with age, provided they are given opportunity. Learnings are beneficial for lifetime.

  14. Playing independent is indeed a blessed attribute in kids those who are able to do,my son always looks for companion to play, i wish and hope my lil daughter couldposses this quality, your tips will surely going to help me alot through this.
    Archana Srivastava


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