Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Importance of Teaching about Recycling to Kids #BlogchatterA2Z

Looking at the present state of our planet, it is immensely important for the kids to be aware of the Environment they live in. Kids should understand that recycling could help save the environment and also not to waste or litter anything around. They should learn that if we do not recycle , our earth will not be able to cope up and that would lead to the destruction of the natural habitats. If we give everything to kids, they think that the resources are limitless. It is our duty to educate them about the importance of finite resources which our available. It takes time but if you make a conscious effort from the beginning with your child, you will be able to teach him small steps towards protecting our planet.

Tips how to introduce recycling to your child:
Colour Code the Garbage bins :

You can have three bins. Colour code them into green, blue and yellow. Green bin can be for non recycling waste, blue for recyclable products like vegetable and fruit peels which you can use as fertilizer in the soil and yellow can be for paper waste, bottles , jars or aluminum cans. This is a wonderful way to teach kids waste management.

Activities which you can do with your child on recycling :

Newspaper and Sponge Tree:

Take bits of newspaper and stick them as the bark of the tree. Take a sponge  and dip it in green colour for the leaves.

Upcycle plastic or aluminum containers:

You can use these containers and make pen stands. Decorate the container with colourful paper and let your little one paint on it. Also paper cups can be sued for doodling.

Egg Crate:

You can do lots of activities with egg crates , like colour sorting, making a caterpillar, a dragon, early math and alphabet activities.

Field Trip :

If there is a scrap center close to your house, you can take your child there and show him how they recycle the waste .

Storytelling :

There are a lot of books available on recycling. Kids love listening to stories. Narrate a story to your child. My son’s favourite recycling book is Peppa Pig’s Recycling Fun!

Lead by example :

You should also be careful of how you are disposing the waste. The kids observe us and do exactly what we do. When you make an effort of disposing the waste properly, your child will definitely follow your steps.

If each one of us take small steps, teach our kids , we can definitely make a difference and conserve our planet.


  1. I love the introducing idea that is color the 3 bins, I also feel it is the time when just like kids we also need to understand that resources are limited and we have to find out the best of its uses. Great idea shared by you Simrit, would surely try!
    Archana Srivastava

  2. Absolutely!! They must learn the importance of recycling as they are the future of this world is in the hands of next generations only. Nice ideas to introduce the concept to them.

  3. In our case, my son’s schedule teaches them about recycling too and it really helps along with what we do at home. A timely and important post.

  4. Brilliant idea of segregating the trash.We have been doing fun things with egg trays and cartons.

  5. Absolutely true! Its vital to start young.. A very important topic and I hope many read and implement this post!

  6. These are brilliant ideas. It will definitely help the younger generation become more responsible.

  7. Absolutely true! a Perfect post that calls for teaching kids about a clean and healthy planet. When we practice recycling our kids learn form us the first. Loved all the pointers.

  8. A very important post in the present times. i agree we all must make efforts with our kids and teach the concept of recycle. Schools are also making lot of effort and thus, it becomes easier. Thanks for the suggestions

  9. True, we should make our kids learn importance of recycling and I love doing DIY which all are made of recycle things

  10. Very important topic to discuss. Now a days school's also promote such thoughts among kids.

  11. Recycling is such an important thing to save our environment. and we should try to teach this to our kids too. I love make different recycling projects with girls. great post simrit and with each post, you are sharing great activities for kids.

  12. This post is so much needed in this time. Every parent should read and teach their kids about the same.

  13. We must definitely teach kids about recycling and this is exactly the right age

  14. This is a perfect post to read on Earth's day..we should teach kids to recycle

  15. A deep thought buddy, very very significant. I am going to use it to teach my son and sharing your posy as it is ideal for earth's day. Keep it up!

  16. Great tips. They are the future of our Planet.
    April 22 is Earth Day.
    - Anita


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