Monday, April 20, 2020

Why do Kids need Quiet Time ? #BlogchatterA2Z

All Adults need time to unwind or relax with a book or a cup of coffee, kids  need alone time too to unwind, relax and calm themselves. Kids are active throughout the day and expend a lot of energy. They too need some time alone from their parents in a day.  You can give your child quiet time before his nap or his bedtime or some other time during the day.Set a particular time in a day where he just sits with his thoughts. Quiet time is a must especially when a child stops taking a nap during the day. He definitely needs some time alone. Let him have quiet time in his room and play with his toys or read his books. But he needs that time alone without you being present there.

Why is Quiet Time important for kids ?

·        Calms the child :

Quiet time allows a child to sit alone with his thoughts and feelings. It is very important to start this when a child is young because it calms him. To sit quietly and reflect on your thoughts is a skill. The earlier you teach your child, the better it will be for him.

·        Improves Over All Health:

When a child plays all day, he uses a lot energy of energy and his brain works non stop. The brain also needs to rest. In order to have proper undisturbed sleep, it is very important for the brain to calm down too. You would have noticed many times your child moves a lot in the night, this is because although he is sleeping, his mind is still restless.  If he doesn’t get proper sleep ,it disrupts his overall brain function. He will be tired, won’t be able to focus or retain what is taught in school, which will effect his growth and his overall health.

Confidence :

Most of the kids call for their moms for all simple things too. When a child is given a quiet time , he learns to do things on his own. Even if he gets stuck at something he will find a way to do it. This will make him confident.

·        Makes them Independent :

When a child learns to tackle a problem on his own, he becomes confident and independent. He doesn’t need anybody’s help to do things for him. Being independent will also help him when he grows up.

·        Improves Creativity :

Quiet time gives a child the opportunity to have unstructured play which boosts his imagination and creativity.

·        Respite for moms :

Moms are also on their feet the whole day. All of us need some relaxation and alone time too. When a child is having his quiet time, it is an excellent opportunity for you to relax, have a cup of coffee or read a book in peace.

Make quiet time a part of your child’s everyday routine and see the improvement in your child's overall development.


  1. This is quite interesting and insightful. We all talk about quiet time for adults or 'me time' as we call, but never realized how important it is for the children and their growth. Nicely put!

  2. This is something a lot of parents ignore. Good one!

  3. We give my son some quiet time even though we dropped his afternoon nap. It really helps.

  4. Quiet time is very important for kids. Most of the time, they are busy and we try to engage them in something or other. But sometimes, they do need sometime where they have nothing to do. It forces them to think out of the box, regain their energies.

  5. Interesting post and I do believe that kids do need quite me time for themselves. I feel that even gives them time to think creatively and imaginatively.

  6. I don't know dear but both my kid always want me to be around and play with them that's me who want a quiet time more

  7. I do agree on kid’s quiet time, it really help them to perform independently also develops Not only confidence But decision making quality also.
    Archana Srivastava

  8. I completely agree with you, all kids need some quite time, with this they become more confident and develop a sense of calmness in their personality.

  9. I understood your points however a honestly I never actively thought about giving quite time to kids.

  10. I am not sure if children can be given quiet time. This is something that naturally comes to them. yes when they are sitting and thinking or before they sleep as parents we must encourage them and not disturb them. You are right it is as important for them as it is for us.

  11. I stick to a routine and make sure my daughter gets her dose of quiet time daily. It really helps.

  12. I totally agree with son and now my grandson are great thinkers :) They love their quiet time. My grandsons sentence starts with Gma..I think so :)

  13. Totally agree with you, child needs their own quiet time to develop and be more creative. They also become great thinkers and learners who love their own quiet time.

  14. This is what we all need to understand that they too need their own quiet timme or say me time from us

  15. Totally agree. Quiet time is very important for increasing focus and moms to breathe.

  16. haha how true and I bet so many of us moms would have missed to give our little ones this time. Undoubtedly a v good post simrit :)


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