Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Why is early learning important for babies and kids? #blogchatterA2Z

Do you know that your baby starts to learn from the time he is born.He is seeing and listening to what you talk to him. He sees the objects, shapes and faces around him. This interaction with the babies helps them to learn about the world around them. With very young babies, it is important to have the skin to skin contact. This helps them to understand the sense of touch. The more you talk to your babies, the more it will help in developing their language skills.

Along with giving your babies and kids various toys, it is very important to start with easy learning activities with them.

Importance of Early Learning activities for kids :
  • Brain Development :
The more you talk to you babies and kids, the more it helps in improving their cognitive development. This will in turn also help in improving their vocabulary skills. They will understand things faster and can comprehend much better 
  •    Recognition of  five Senses :
If you expose your baby in an early age to the five different senses , i.e seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and feeling, he will be able to comprehend things much faster than a child who is not exposed to this. You can introduce various textures to the child to play with. For eg., a stuffed toy which is soft, plastic toys which are hard, a mat, which can be a little rough. Let him touch and feel the different textures of the objects.
  •  Physical Development :
All the early learning activities are very important for a child’s overall physical development. The basic skills of coordination, balance, motor skills –fine and gross, if taught in their early years help a long way in their adult life too. You should give your kids, toys like puzzles, building blocks, sensory toys , paints, etc. to help in their improvement of hand eye coordination and motor skills.
  •  Sets a routine :
It is very important for babies and toddlers to have a set routine.  If the routine is not set when they are small, then they will never understand the importance of discipline in life. Even if your child has not started school yet, plan his day. Make a routine and follow it. There should be a set time for meals, activities and naps. You will see in a few days, the child will definitely follow the same routine.
  •     Social Development :
Social Development has a very important role in a kids life. From his early years, he should know that he has to respect his elders, how to behave in a group of peers or how to handle himself in a large group. All these things definitely have an impact when he grows up.
  •     Confidence :
The most important benefit of Early learning is that it builds confidence in a child. If you start doing activities with your child when is very young, he will develop problem solving skills and which in turn will build confidence in him that he can do it.
Start doing various activities with your baby and you will see a difference in his overall development.


  1. Yes it is important to give children access to good learning materials right from the start. Great post!

  2. Early Learning make our smart kids more smart. Its no harm to be more alert towards kid development.

  3. Such an informative post. Enjoyed reading it.

  4. Great post. I agree early learning is important but many people associate learning with classes and schools and send kids very early. Early learning happens best at home with family.

  5. Kids these days are born smart I feel and if they are given the right direction they will turn out into geniuses...good one Simrit

  6. Early learning is very important in every child's growth. They are like the stepping Stones and it should start very way even before kids start school.

  7. I agree early learning is helps in building confidence and as a parent, we should try to help our kids to become a curious learner since at early age.

  8. Learning takes care of the intellectual part of our personality.

  9. I practically believe follow and advocate this notion. Infact my whole blog of this season's blogchatter is about toddler learning daily

  10. Early learning helps in step wise and gradual development of kids. Informative post with good pointers.

  11. I am totally agree with you Simrit, kids those have started early learning are smarter and quick in comparison of those who starts at late, also learning is not about that comes from school only, it starts the day when parents takes initiative from their side from day one, in the form of discipline, social etiquettes .
    Archana Srivastava

  12. Nurturing the kids in an efficient learning environment is an important role for the parents these days

  13. indeed the sooner we start it the better it is. I have myself followed the philosophy you recommended buddy


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