Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Why are Memory Games important for kids ? #blogchatterA2Z

What is a Memory game ?

A memory game is a simple cards game in which you have to place all the cards upside down on a surface and two cards are flipped face up over each turn. The object of the game is to pick up the matching pairs.

I used to love playing memory game with my brother growing up. This used to be one of our favourite games apart from ludo.  My son is 3.8 years old and I have started playing memory game with him. He also enjoys playing it. You can start playing this game with your child when he is 3 years old.

For toddlers a lot of simplified matching or memory games are available online and at toys shops. You can even make your own set of cards for Memory game on any topic. Some of the topics on which you can make your own game for toddlers are Shapes, Animals, Colours, Objects and Vehicles. You can either take a print out or you can draw the objects yourself. Colour them and make them look bright and beautiful. Puzzles are also a form of Memory games.

Why are memory games important for kids ?
  • Helps kids to retain things better:
 By flipping a cards and trying to remember where a certain card is kept, helps in improving their retaining power. Studies have proved that card games not only help in improving kids short term memory but also long term memory.
  • Improves Vocabulary :
You can introduce  a lot of new words to kids and kids who are slightly older can also improve their reading skills.
  • Improves Concentration :
In order to remember and retain things a child needs to concentrate. This game helps to improve concentration which will also help him when he is in higher classes.
  • Trains Visual Memory :
In a memory game, a child has to see and retain things. He has to understand, access and interpret one set of objects to different objects from others including letters, colours, shapes, patterns, size, etc. This is very helpful in training his visual memory.
  • Helps to find similarities and differences in objects :
By playing this game, from a young age itself, a child will be able to find similarities and differences in objects or a picture. His brain cells will be active. He can understand and comprehend things better later in life too.
  •  Improves Critical thinking :
When a child is able to store and retrieve memories, he will also be able to ask questions, comprehend things better and analyze a situation better .
  • Exercise for the brain :
Memory games are fun and are an exercise for the brain . It helps in developing their brain better and functioning better.
  • Improves problem Solving skills :
Once you are able to retain things, your problem solving skills definitely improve a lot. If you start at an early age to boost your kids brain by playing fun memory games, his problem solving skills will definitely improve when he goes to higher classes.

The earlier you introduce memory games to your child, the better, it will be for the overall development of his brain.

Do share in comments if your child plays memory games and which is his favoruite memory game.


  1. Another lovely post Simrit...keep them coming

  2. Another lovely post. Memory games are amazing and the whole family enjoys it together. We have a Peppa Pig memory game and Miss A loves to play with it

  3. Memory games have many benefits even for adults, not just kids! Another great post!

  4. Memory games are always beneficial and engaging for kids, I often play with my kids. Totally agree with all your pointers of its importance. Memory games are fun for adults too.

  5. The reasons you enumerated in favour of memory games are so worthy buddy. I have used them from very early on with my kid!

  6. Amazing, I will try playing something similar to this with my toddler.
    - Ujjwal Mishra


  7. Memory games are very beneficial ,keep them occupied. Even I use to play memory games with my kids.

  8. Memory games are fun but I haven't introduced her to it yet.

  9. we had played so many memory games even as a family too. and it was a great fun for all..I really liked the way you are sharing great benefits of each activity in your posts. awesome series.

  10. Memory Games are all time favorites of my whole family,it aligned our focus to retain the memory for longer or forever, the best game you can play with the anyone from youngest to eldest but yes of course with the different level of toughness, thanks Simrit for remembering me that I can start it with my 1.5 year old daughter too.
    Archana Srivastava

  11. It surely keeps them daughter enjoys playing the memory games... thanks for sharing this informative post

  12. Memory games are really good fr kids. Thanks for such informative post.


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