Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Why is Finger Painting important for babies and toddlers ? #blogchatterA2Z

I love to paint and explore different mediums of colour. I have used water colour, fabric colour , poster colour and oil paints on canvas. Painting gives expression to my thoughts.

I want my son to learn painting too.I started doing a lot of painting activities with T when he was a baby. Finger painting is our favourite activity.

Young children love messy play. This gives them  opportunity to use their hands and finger freely to create whatever they want. There are a lot of sensory experiences going on during this time which are very important for your little one to experience.

You do not have to create a big fancy painting set up for your child. All you need is a sheet of paper and some paints. You can start finger painting with babies who are as young as 9-10 months old. These days the paints which are available in the market are also non toxic. even if they put their fingers in their mouth, it won't harm them

Benefits of Finger Painting :

  • Stimulates your child's senses :
When kids or babies do finger paintng, it stimulates their all their senses, i.e sense of sight -they see beautiful paints of different colours, sense of touch - they can touch the paints and feel the texture, smell - kids can smell the paint and can tell whether it smells nice or yucky! sense of taste - these days you get edible paints which if kids  put in their mouth is not harmful.
  • Excellent for fine motor skills :
Babies and toddlers do not have a proper grip in their fingers to hold a pencil. Finger painting is a wonderful way to improve their fine motor skills because the kids move their fingers to paint which improves their fine motor skills.It strengthens their fingers and hand muscles. It is also easy for little babies to to paint with their fingers as their fingers are not yet ready to hold the brush.
  • Helps child's Intellectual Development :
While painting, a child uses a variety of colours, so it is helpful in colour recognition. It is pure joy to see when they mix two colours to form a third colour. It is like magic for a child.
  • Improves Creativity :
Finger Painting give kids a platform to show their creativity. They use colours and use their imagination to paint with their fingers. They can imagine extensively and make beautiful paintings.
  • Hand eye co-ordination:
One of the most essential benefit of finger painting is that it promotes hand eye co-ordination and control.

  • Spatial Awareness :
It helps to create spatial awareness and muscle control, if the painting is done on the floor.
  • Communication and social skills :
Develops communication skills when finger painting is done as a group activity. The child gets to talk and interact with his peers. Also, it promotes social skills, like sharing pots, working together as a team.
  •  Calms the child:
Studies have proved that painting is a relaxing, therapeutic way to express feelings.
  • A lot of fun :
Finger painting is messy which means it is a lot of fun and the kids love it. 

Have you ever tried Finger Painting with your child ?


  1. I remember, my son loved finger painting as a kid. It was a messy affair but so much fun. Good to know that it has so many benefits.

  2. This is so much fun! And never too late to try out with children of all age-groups :-)

  3. Oh I can imagine the 9-10 months old looking at their fingers with awe! How much fun this would be.

  4. I didn't know there were so many benefits. My children loved it when they were young and to be honest I would dip my fingers in paint too and enjoy making flowers and whatnot !

  5. I never knew about painting with fingers, until I read your post.
    Your post also took my memories back to when my son was young and he used to draw and paint.
    You must encourage your son. Drawing and painting are wonderful outlets for the expression of thoughts and creativity.

  6. Finger painting is really good fun and i did not realise it has so many good things for kids. We do a lot of finger and hand painting as my daughter loves paints and has no interest in colouring with crayons

  7. I always allow my kids to do finger painting the only problem is the cleanup after that.
    Finger painting is surely fun and is satisfying to kids of creating something.

  8. Finger painting is an awesome activity that is easy to do and so much fun! Thanks for listing all its other benefits out!

  9. I wasn't aware of the importance of finger painting though my son loves to dip his fingers in every possible color and paint the walls.

  10. Now in these times of lockdown, this is a good idea to get my toddler busy

  11. Finger painting , is so much fun for kids. they do not required any skill in doing that.

  12. This is a great idea to try out during lockdown. A seemingly simple activity that can work wonders for the kids' creativity. :)

  13. Another awesome post Simrit...kids learn so mnahy things from simple activities but nowadays parents give them gadgets to play

  14. We have done this activity a lot. Toddlers too enjoy this activity. Apart from finger painting we also did thumb painting that further helps in strengthening the grip.Nice post.

  15. The points you have shared are true... adding to this I also feel that the colours works as a therapy...it calms them down in a way

  16. This is one of our favourite activities together. Well written

  17. I have also practiced many Finger painting and thumb painting with my kid ,it is indeed a very fruitful activity to strengthen the hold and grip.
    Archana Srivastava

  18. Finger painting is so good for the reasons you mentioned. we did couple of activities.


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