Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Guess who ? #BlogchatterA2Z

Guess Who is one of the most interesting and enjoyable family games. You can sit together as a family, play this game with your kids and make a lot of memories together.

A traditional Guess Who game is board game which can be played by two players. There are a set of same cards for both the players . One person has to give some clues and the other person has to guess who the person is talking about. There are various men and women cards. You can give clues ,like  the colour of eyes, hair, if the person has a mustache or not. This game is easily available online or at any toy store.

You can also make your own DIY Guess Who  game. You can make your own Animal theme cards or different object cards. Give your child some clues game that kids love is We clues , It jumps on trees, loves to eat bananas, has a long tail. The child has to guess what animal is it .

Another DIY game that you can play with your child is “ What’s in the Box “.  Take any cardboard box with a lid, decorate it with your child and then secretly put a few things in the box. The child can shake it , turn it but is not allowed to open it. You can give a clue at a time. For eg. It is round and is blue in colour. The child has to guess that it is a blue ball.

“ I spy with my little eye “ is a another wonderful game which the kids love to play. You can play this game for guessing colours, words, objects. This keeps kids occupied when you are travelling or even when you are in the kitchen, along with doing your work, you can play this game .

Importance of guessing games for kids :

  • Builds a bond with your kids :
When you sit together as a family and play a game with your child, it actually bonds you with your child. These special moments become wonderful memories.

  • Improves Creativity :
By playing “ I Spy “ game or DIY Guess who game, your child gets to think and it will give him more ideas which will help him in improving his creativity and cognitive skills.

  • Wonderful alternative to screen time :
Kids love to watch TV. Playing games like Guess who are a good way to keep kids screen free ,utilize their time and energy in a more productive manner where they are using their cognitive skills and are also learning at the same time.

  • Helps in developing  Reasoning skills :
Guessing games helps in improving a child’s logical and reasoning skills. They use their skills to think and guess the correct answer. Also think of different clues to give you which helps in developing their over all reasoning and logical skills.

  • Enhances challenging spirits :
In a guessing game, the player who guesses the maximum correct answers wins. So this game builds a challenging spirit in kids to win and do better.

  • Improves  Memory :
When the kids play the guessing game, they have to remember the clues, think and then answer the question. This helps in boosting their memory.

  • Improves social skills :
You can play guessing game with kids when you have a play date at home too. This way the kids learn how to play together and improves their team building skills.

  • Improves Vocabulary :
When a child plays a guessing game, he learns a lot of new words, which help to improve his overall vocabulary.

You can start playing guessing games with you child from the age of 2.5 years.

Do share in comments, if your child likes to play Guessing games ?


  1. Nice one. A constructive engagement for kids and the entire family.

  2. wonderful way to keep the kids busy and away from screen, I like your DIY activity, it works in enhancing the kiddo's memory power.

    Archana Srivastava

  3. I do a lot of DIY games with my kids. But never thought they were benefiting them so much. Woah! Thanks for listing the benefits here.

  4. Guessing games are such fun to play- no matter how old you are! Agree with the benefits you have listed too.

  5. Yes guess who is kids favorite i suppose, helps them think and imagine. Keeps kids busy and when it's themed its more fun.

  6. Wr still play this game in our ladies get togethers.Kids would love this am sure.

  7. I spy is interesting games and will love to try it with my kids.

  8. Hey is this like taboo? Same rules but here there seems to be person names? I just bought dobble and my 3 year old is all over it. Loves it.

  9. Surely. Children need to be creatively engaged during these times.

  10. awesome, I had played this games with my girls when they were little. and I remember, it was so much fun for the,. great series and with each post, you are sharing great activity options for kids.

  11. I remember playing these when I was young. I haven't engaged her on this yet.

  12. Nice suggestions, will try with my toddler. I liked the what's in the box.

  13. Hey that's a cool idea. will try with my son. Thanks.

  14. Nice DIY games mentioned especially the " I spy game" good way to build inquisitiveness among children. Will try this out.


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