Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Yoga for Kids #BlogchatterA2Z

All of us are aware that yoga is very helpful for our mind and body . Before understanding the importance of Yoga, let me tell you in simple language the meaning of yoga. Yoga is an old discipline from India. It is a systematic practice of physical exercise, breath control, relaxation, meditation and positive thinking.

But did you know that it is equally important for kids too ? Introducing yoga at an early age helps inculcate healthy habits in kids.

Enhances Strength :

By practicing simple yoga exercises, a child’s stamina and over all strength improves.

Calms mind:

Like adults, kids also get tired. They need to relax and calm their minds too. By practicing easy breathing exercises, the kids can calm themselves. You can practice some easy breathing exercises or asanas with your child either early morning before he goes to school or at night before he sleeps.

Improves Attention Span and Memory :

When a child does yoga, he learns to focus and meditate. This will help him in the improvement of his memory and over all attention span.


Yoga exercises strengthens the muscles and makes your child flexible.

Coordination and Balance:

Yoga teaches a child balancing techniques and coordination of his body.

Bonding with your child:

Doing yoga together bonds you with your child. You get to spend quality time with your child and he definitely feels very happy that you have done something with him.


When kids do yoga everyday it builds a routine for them and they know that at this particular time, they have to do yoga.

Improves Sleep:

If your child does yoga before bedtime, it will definitely help him to sleep better. All kids are active throughout the day and are overwhelmed sometimes by the amount of exertion they do in a day. This leads to anxiety which leads to less sleep. It is very important to have calm mind before you sleep. So if yoga is done before a child sleeps, it definitely helps him to sleep better. 

Academic Performance:

Yoga is supposed to calm your minds and reduce stress. When a child’s mind is calm and stress free, he will definitely study better,thus his academic performance will improve.

Self Esteem:

 Kids who are able to do yoga gave a better self esteem than the ones who do not practice yoga. They become confident individuals.


A child who practices yoga is active throughout the day because he is able to do breathing exercises which are very important for a child's growth. He doesn’t feel lethargic or lazy.

Yoga is non – competitive:

Everyone has become very competitive in today’s world. Yoga teaches a child to accept who he is and doesn’t compete with anyone.

Have you ever done yoga with your child ?


  1. My son’s pre-school and school both encourage and teach yoga to the little ones. It has untold benefits!


  3. Yoga has some amazing benefits and that is the reason most schools integrate it in the curriculum. It is a part of the homework that comes in the lockdown. I do yoga with my daughter and she loves it.


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