Friday, June 12, 2020

Bolly Talkies - Book Review


Book Name     -  Bolly Talkies 
Author             -  Archana Srivastava
Format             -  E Book
Publisher         -  Blogcgatter

About the Book :

The book is an assortment of a list of famous Bollywood movies.Each chapter is either about the name of the movie or a name of the character from a movie or a similar characters. Some of the actors are well known and some others are not as prominent but they gripped a lot of assuranceof fame in possibility.

Why did I read this book ?

I am a huge fan of Bollywood movies.I love watching Bollywood movies, both old and new. Growing up my favourite magazines were Stardust and Filmfare! When I saw this book, I knew that I definitely have to read this!.

My Review :

I really enjoyed reading this book. I must compliment Archana, that there was not a single moment where I felt that I was bored. Archana has beautifully explained in detail each character or the movie in detail. I loved her take on the character or the movie. Reading about Chandni , one of my all time favourite movies , brought back so many memories. I still remember dancing on " mere hatho mei nau nau chudiya " song at every family wedding. Movies ,like Barfi, Dangal, English Vinglish, and movies based on friendship which carry a wonderful message have been beautifully described by Archana.
Chapters on Shah Rukh Khan and Sulu brought a smile on my face. 
The language of the book is simple and clear. This is a must read book for all Bollywood fans!

About the Author :

Archana is an MBA graduate, Former HR Professional, Former Mnagement Faculty. She took a break in 2015 as she moved with her husband to USA. She is a mommy of two exquisite kiddos and a Blogger. She is fond of singing and dancing.

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