Friday, June 5, 2020

Shrav's Lockdown Adventures - Book Review


Book Name - Shrav's Lockdown Adventures
Author         - Shravmusings
Format         - E Book
Publisher     - Blogchatter 

About the Book:

Shrav’s Lockdown Adventures is a collection of six short stories written by Shravmusings. The stories are based during the lockdown because of Corona Virus when everyone was at home. The stories are a mix of fiction and reality.  The main protagonist is Shravnath . Each story revolves around him.

Why did I read this book?

I picked up this book to read because I have a four-year-old son and he too doesn’t understand the meaning of lockdown and why is he not able to go out and play or meet his friends. Although we have tried to explain to him about COVID19 but still I feel he is too young to understand. I read all the stories to him and he really enjoyed listening to them.

My review:

I loved the fact that all stories are based on early education for children and there is a small message at the end of each story. As a mother of a preschooler, I could completely relate to Shravnath’s mother because my son is very inquisitive too and he loves to explore everything around him. My son was not aware of Meteors and telescope. After reading the story, it was very easy for me to explain to my son their meanings. My favorite story is the Buddy or Monster? story because today’s generation has very easy access to technology. Children do not realize its cons. It is very important for them to understand that even though it has a lot of benefits, it has its disadvantages too. After each story, my son and I had very interesting discussions and I am glad that he was able to understand the message of each story. My son’s favorite story is Shrav and UFO.

The language of the book is simple and clear. I loved the cover of the book too. It is bright and colorful which all children love. This book is appropriate for children four years and above.

About the Author:

Shravmusings is the pen name of the mother and son duo. Suhasini  (the mother ) has teamed up with her son (Shravanth) to capture the amazing journey of Shravanth through his childhood. The duo blogs at Most of the stories on their blog are based on true events about their lives.

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