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DIY Activities For Children

DIY Activities For Children

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 The best way to keep a child engaged is to do simple activities with him. Children get bored very easily. You have to think of innovative and fun ideas to keep them busy. I strongly believe that one doesn't need to buy expensive toys all the time for children. You can plan a lot of simple and fun activities with the materials available at home. You just need to plan a little bit in advance. All the time spending money on expensive toys is not the answer to keep children busy.

Sharing some materials which can be used for planning these activities are:

Utensils :

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Utensils are most readily available in all homes. From babies to toddlers, all children love to play with them in various ways. Give steel and plastic utensils to a baby and see how much fun he has by banging them because it makes noise. Babies are happy with one spoon and a small bowl too. Children who are slightly older, love to sort cups, plates and bowls according to size or you can even do an ascending and descending order activity with them. Make an obstacle course by keeping steel glasses and ask the child to run or jump his way out.

Rice, pulses and other grains:

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Rice and pulses become an excellent sensory activity for toddlers. You can hide objects of different colors under a bowl of rice and ask the child to find them. Children who are 2-3 years of age can learn numbers or letters by hiding them under the rice. You can even put small slips of words in the rice. The child has to take out the slips and frame a sentence or just take a big bowl and put rice or pluses and let the child have fun. Let him feel the texture and have fun. To make white rice attractive, you can even dye the rice and make it look colorful.

Paper plates / cups :

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Paper plates and paper cups can be used for varied activities , like craft, numbers, free hand painting etc. Stacking paper cups one on top of another is a really fun activity. It seems easy but as the cups are very light, sometimes, they just fly away and it takes effort for the child to stack them

Ice Cream Sticks :

Another very versatile material that can used for children activities are the ice cream sticks. Keep a lot of sticks at home. You can even paint them if you want. These can be used for making  matching letters, numbers, words, color matching and sorting. You can make a pen stand or a hut by joining these ice cream sticks together.

Stationery Items :

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Keep different colored chart papers , crayons, paints, sketch pens, paints, pencils,eraser sharpener , gum and fevicol always at home. You can draw something for your child to color it or just use it for scribbling and writing practice.

Other Miscellaneous materials :

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Other miscellaneous materials that you need at home for activities for children are pom poms, glitter, colorful stickers, pipe cleaners, colored buttons and clothes pins.You can use these as per the activity you plan to do with your child.

Recyclable Materials :

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Newspapers, cardboard, bubble wrap are very interesting materials to plan activities for children. 

Materials from your garden or surroundings :

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Leaves, twigs, small pebbles and flower petals can be used as per your innovation and you can create a lot of things with them.

Your child doesn't need fancy things to play with. He wants your attention and simple games to play with. Spend maximum time with your children and plan one activity a day. See how much they will enjoy themselves and this will make you happy too. It is never too late to start. Plan ahead and have fun with your child.

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  1. Your blog always has great ideas for a new mom. This post about simple things bringing joy to kids is great. There's no need to buy expensive toys when we implement your ideas.


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