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Montessori and Individualized Curriculum

 Montessori and Individualized Curriculum

Maria Montessori emphasized that every child should be treated as a unique individual and should be given the freedom to think and learn at their own pace. She stated that children learn in different ways with different learning styles. The Montessori curriculum follows a 3 year sequence because the child learns at his own pace. The individualized lesson plan may exceed the time which would have been taught in a regular classroom where same concept is taught to all children at the same time.This individualized curriculum is practiced from the very early stage like for children who are 2.5 years to 6 years of age. This encourages the preschoolers to interact with other classmates, explore different materials and be independent.   This further promotes in building their confidence, thought process and logical thinking.

Montessori Method of education gives students an option to advance through the curriculum as and when the child is ready, guided by the teacher. The teacher does not interrupt the students. They are given uninterrupted time for individualized learning which helps them to develop their natural talents and passion.

The classroom is designed in such a way that all the materials needed for different activities are easily accessible by the students . The student decides which activity he wants to do. The children are given the freedom to perform activities either individually or in groups. This helps in developing discipline, concentration and independence

Montessori schools also teach the same skills which are taught in the traditional schools but their approach to teach different subjects is very different. They have the same subjects, like math, languages, science, history and geography but theses subjects are integrated and practical activities are presented with each topic.

The inter relatedness of all things builds a natural curiosity in a child which leads him to learn more. For eg, while Studying about the African continent, its art, history, culture everything is taught together. Study of pyramids is a great example to teach geometry to students.

Individualized curriculum is given a lot of importance in Montessori Method of education as it is observed that children are motivated to learn better when they are working on something of their own choice and at their own pace.

It also helps children set their learning goals and also learn how to create their own personal space under a teacher's guidance. 

Although the students are free to work at their own pace but a Montessori teacher is always present as a guide who observes and provides the required materials for different activities. This helps the child to master the task in hand and also challenges to do better at other tasks.

Also, in a Montessori classroom, usually there is only one of each material. This helps the child to develop patience as he waits for the material to become available.

Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world - Maria Montessori

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