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How to give access to education to the masses?

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As per Wikipedia, " Universal access to education is the ability of all people to have equal opportunity in education, regardless of their social  class, race, gender, sexuality, ethnic  background or physical and mental disabilities.

Education helps to eradicate poverty and give people a better chance to lead their lives.

Our Indian Constitution states The Right to Education for all but still there are lakhs of people who are uneducated. Most of the states in India offer free education till 12th standard but still there are many villages and remote areas where people remain uneducated. 

How to get access to education:

  • Access means availability. In order to educate people, it is very important to ensure availability. This can be done by increasing capacity via investments in infrastructure and resources.
  • More schools and colleges,more and better teachers, libraries and laboratories will certainly help in better access to education.
  • There are many remote villages in India which do not have electricity. Providing electricity and internet facilities will be a step forward in access to education.
  • Right to girl child to education. There are many parts of India which even today do not believe in educating the girl child. Volunteers need to be sent to areas villages where people still do not send their girls to school and those families need to be educated regarding the importance of education to girls.
  • Wheel chair facilities should be provided for the physically disabled students.
  • Basic sanitation facilities , like toilets should be in every school.
  • Train teachers regularly to help them to educate students.
  • Mid day meals was started by the Government a few years ago but it's not been implemented fully. If the Government makes it compulsory then this can also be one of the attractions for  parents to send their children to school.

One needs to understand that these are basic principles which every educational institution must ensure to provide. If our country achieves in providing access to education for all, it will benefit the country as a whole. There will be less crime rates, better overall health and civic involvement.

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