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Journaling and Mental Wellness

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I remember as a teenager, I bought a diary with a lock. I started penning down my feelings without being judged. It felt good to put all my thoughts on paper but I stopped using it after a few months.

Recently, I've started journaling again and am feeling all the benefits again.  In simple words, journaling means writing down your thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper. This helps in understanding your feelings clearly. If anyone struggles with depression or anxiety then journaling is a wonderful idea. 

Benefits of Journaling for Mental Health :

Reduces Stress :

One of the most significant advantage of journaling is that it helps to reduce stress. Writing on a piece of paper helps you to put down  your feelings clearly on  a piece of paper. No one can judge what we are writing. Sometimes writing gives a clarity to our thoughts and we are able to look at the same situation from a different perspective. 

Boost Mood :

All of us have days when we feel very low and depressed. Penning down what we feel will definitely brighten up our mood. Once we write about how we feel , we are definitely letting go of many sad emotions which will help us to feel better. It gives an opportunity of positive self talk and identifying negative thoughts and triggers. 

Reduces anxiety:

Journaling provides a great sense  of confidence and self identity. It gives a platform to an individual to express freely which reduces anxiety.It helps in clearing your mind and releasing pent up feelings. 

How To start Journaling:

You can start journaling now! 

1.  You only need a pen and a diary/notebook or you can have  digital journal on your phone or a laptop too. It's that simple.

2. Write in your journal everyday to get most benefits. It might take time in the beginning for what to write. But within a few days you will get a clarity of thoughts and you will be able to write effortlessly.

3. Set aside a particular time of the day when you are alone. For most benefits, try writing the first thing in the morning or the last thing before you go to sleep. 

4. Don't worry of any grammatical errors. Your journal is only for you. 

5. Get creative. Draw pictures or write a poem whatever makes you feel good. 

6. Express whatever is on your mind. It doesn't have to be good all the time. If you are feeling sad or angry, write about it. Express your emotions on paper. Write what is bothering you.

7. Release all the negative emotions in your journal, like anger, sadness, frustration, irritation. 

8. Write in a place which is relaxing and soothing. Take a cup of tea or coffee. Try to relax when you write.

Happy Journaling !

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