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Discrimination in Classes



Discrimination In Classroom

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Being a teacher, I can easily relate to the discrimination against students in a classroom. Discrimination in simple terms means unfair treatment of one particular person or group of people.  Although, it is strictly banned but still it is prevalent in classrooms. A school is a place where children spend maximum time of their childhood apart from their home. A school should be a very safe place for children and they should look forward to attending the school everyday.

Discrimination is based on caste, creed or colour. It can have many serious long term consequences on a child’s mind and hamper their confidence for life.

Ways to prevent discrimination in classrooms :

1.      Talk to your children :

Parents should talk to their children about the discrimination and make them aware about it. Give them confidence that you are there to listen to them and they can approach you freely without any fear or threat.

2.     Talk to the institution or teacher :

If your children tell you that there is discrimination happening in their class or school, inform the teacher and the school. Ask them to take appropriate actions.

3.     Teachers should also talk on their own to students :

It is a teacher’s responsibility to talk to their students and find out if some discrimination is going on against children. Talking freely to your students is a very good way of building a strong rapport with them. This will also prevent from serious bullying too.

4.    Set rules in place:

Each school should have strict rules against discrimination and they need to be set in place. Anyone found violating the rules, should be strictly punished.

5.     Be empathetic :

A teacher should be sensitive to what his or her students say. Be kind to your students and show them that you are there for them and you feel strongly that discrimination is bad.

6.    Set high examples :

Once you have your rules in place, set an example by having a diverse classroom where you have students from different backgrounds. Show your students that everyone is equal in the classroom and there is no discrimination.

Discrimination in all forms is bad. If a school has strict laws against discrimination, then they can help raise well-grounded and confident adults.

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